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Grievance and Discipline procedure- relate to Alton towers

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´╗┐Grievance and Discipline Procedure A grievance procedure is when employees have a complaint or problem relating to the business. There are three stages when a grievance occurs. For example: if a cleaner is being bullied by other employees at Alton Towers and decides they will no longer tolerate it and complain these stages will be taken. The first thing they will do is: 1. tell their manager (keep it within the department) To see if they can resolve the issue before more people become involved. For example: the line manger of the employees will may talk to them and tell them it should not happen again. If the manger does not resolve the issue and they continue to bully the cleaner it will be taken to the next stage. 2. Outside the department i.e. telling a more senior member of staff. This is usually done when a grievance cannot be solved by the employee?s line manager. For example: The cleaner may tell a more senior manger to deal with the employees in the correct manner i.e. suspension etc. However, if the senior manger fails to overcome the problem or refuses to do anything about it then the cleaner may get a third party involved. 3. Outside the organisation e.g. through ACAS. This will only occur for major grievances that the employee may feel will be ignored by the business. This independent party will discuss the problem with both sides and come to a mutual agreement about what consequences should be done. There are four major groups/organisations that can help solve disputes between employees and employers. Trade Unions Trade unions are organisations that look after the rights of workers. A number of employees belong to the same trade union because they will have more power as part of a group than as an individual. This organisation deals with problems in their first stage to prevent them from escalating. ...read more.


Furthermore, if the ride operators needs are ignored and the dispute is not resolved, they may decide to strike (this is usually done in extreme cases i.e. a last resort). This would mean that employees will not go to Alton Towers and do their job. This will make employees see how much they are needed because if there are no ride operators to operate the rides then Alton Towers will lose out on profit as thousands of people will not go to the park whilst employees are on strike. Moreover, if there is a strike of large scale the media will surely be involved and Alton Towers will gain a negative reputation. How disputes affect Alton Towers Disputes can affect Alton Towers in a number of ways. They will have negative effects on the business. For example: if employees decide to strike and/ or have a sit in then there will be no one to work at Alton Towers and so they will not be able to do their business activity and this will cause them to lose customers. Also, this will make the media aware of the problem and cast a negative image of Alton towers nationally, so they will lose many potential visitors which will cause them to lose profits as their production costs will be more then their income. Also, some employees may decide to leave Alton Tower so they will be short on staff and unable to run as efficiently as possible. Also, if they are unable to find immediate replacement for these employees then they may lose further customers as customers will have to wait longer in queues and so may decide not to return to Alton Towers in future. In addition to this, if others hear of the reasons why employee left e.g. through media coverage or former employees, then it will be harder for Alton Towers to recruit new employees. ...read more.


This is because employees will be expected to be paid the full amount because they have met their employer?s expectations by doing their job i.e. operating the ride. If Alton Towers do not pay this employee the full amount then they may decide to leave Alton Towers and this will make them look inefficient as they may not be able to operate the ride as smoothly as they will be short of an employee and this may result in them losing future customers. Additionally, if Alton Towers does not pay him the correct amount for the hours he has worked he may decide to take legal action against them and this will result in them gaining a bad reputation. This negative image will discourage people to apply for jobs at Alton Towers as they may think they will also not be paid the correct amount. However, if the manger has noticed his error and pays the employee the amount he should have been paid then the conflict may be resolved immediately without involvement from external organisations. In addition to this, a conflict between employees and employers at Alton Towers may occur if employees are not given training programmes. For example: If a new ride is introduced at Alton Towers and a previous ride operator now has to operate this new ride but isn?t given training sessions in order to help them do this, then problems may occur because the employee may not know how to operate the ride correctly and therefore will not be motivated when doing their job. Also, this may cause other problems because it may be dangerous if the ride operator makes a mistake. For example: if the employee was not given a training programme on Health and Safety whilst operating the ride and in result of this injures themselves or others. Then, they will decide to take legal action against Alton Towers. This conflict may be resolved by Alton Towers paying compensation to the inured employee and ensuring they give training programmes to all employees. ...read more.

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