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Macon Museum of Art,

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Date: November 17, 2005 Name: Pascale Matta Course: MRK603 Case: Macon Museum of Art - By Roger A. Kerin Macon Museum of Art, a not-for-Profit Corporation, is facing major financial problems since 2000 and up till 2002. Actions are needed to stop this cumulative loss and to achieve some profit for 2003. After reviewing the case at hand, one can see through the brief history of the museum that it was founded since 1925. In 1998, its name changed into the Jonathon A . Macon Museum of Art, the major benefactor whose endowment helped expending the facility in the district. The Macon Museum has different collections which are displayed periodically due to space limitations, but each collection is set in its building architecture that accents the display. This fact makes it impossible for someone to visit the museum for just one time and claim that he saw it all. It would take a person at least four times to have the opportunity of observing all the displays. ...read more.


Mercer and based on their marketing research, reflected two images: 1- non-image at all 2- The museum is for specific people. Therefore, this issue is a serious one, if people cannot find the museum interesting from the first place how would they want to visit it? The museum offered different educational programs and special exhibitions, and made lots of effort in promotion especially through press relations and local media. Even though the attendance increases, yet the attendees would be non-MMA members. Nevertheless, such exposure helped in the annual membership solicitation. Memberships provide the largest chare of the museum's revenues. As they are divided into two categories, statistics showed that in 2002, personal memberships accounted almost 80% of membership revenue. Thus the market of the business consists mainly of personal membership more than corporate. Yet, the estimated cost of member benefits provided exceeded $ 1 million per year, and the principle costs items were: a- free admissions to exhibits b- Parking c- Monthly calendar of museum's activities d- Discounts at the restaurant and gift shop. ...read more.


An integrated plan should be planned by Pate and Mercer, which will include the previous point and also take into consideration new ways of the "know-how" to do business, whether on the marketing side or how to enhance the different activities in order to generate enough profit. 1- Innovative Marketing (Strategic Opportunity) * ?Capitalize on the communications opportunities offered by the Internet, including: - Better use of the Internet for information and promotion; - create a fully searchable database - Send emails instead of s-mails in order to decrease direct mails costs by at least 50% - develop suggested 'patterns'/ packages of things to do while visiting, and post these on the Internet; * ?Ensure that the websites of tourism organizations are regularly updated to reflect existing facilities, services, pricing structures and events scheduled by the museum. 2- Increase client's interest * Preview customer needs and try to meet them * Put more effort to attract corporate accounts * Enhance Benefits for members - they say that a delighted customer is ready to pay more. ...read more.

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