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Organisational Structures and Job Roles at Richer Sounds.

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ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURES AND JOB ROLES Businesses such as Richer Sounds use Organisation structures to illustrate their business activities because it shows who is in power (authority) and shows who controls the business. The communication in theory in the hierarchy structures goes in different directions i.e. when information going down is often decisions made by the senior staff - information going up is collected by the lower level staff often feedback from the customers. This information is used to improve the business. The positioning of the job roles are different based on skills and the difference in pay. Examples of the different job roles are: - * The main duties of the manager is making and planning decisions. * The duties of the deputy are to assist in decisions and plans of the organisation. * The duties of the supervisor are to supervise the ideas of the company. * The sales assistance is at the bottom because they met the needs of the people and the come face to face with the customers and they make the profit and loss of the company. The senior staffs give the junior staff their tasks and duties and are responsible for them on a day to day basis. The junior staff report to the senior staff - this relationship is called the chain of command and can be seen in the diagram above. STAKEHOLDERS AT RICHER SOUND Stakeholders are individuals or groups of people who have a share or an interest, in an organisation. Stakeholders Who they are Their Interest Customers Help keep the business alive- offers value for money and excellent service Value for money, good quality products Colleagues/ employees Specifically refer to them as colleagues creates a friendly environment day to day running of the business Salaries, offer customers excellent services. Owner/ Julian richer Sole of stakeholders'- key person founders ethical man -shown by his donation of 5% to charity in the business, profit reputation Supplier Goods provider- R.S maintain a daily and good relationship ...read more.


* If the interview and the trial were successful, the candidate is asked to complete an official application form. * The next stage is for all prospective new colleagues to meet john Clayton or lee nelson, for the final approval. * After they received one good reference, the candidate is formally offered the job. They write to the candidate of employment and gives the terms and conditions of employment. They also notify the new colleagues of his or her starting date for induction training. * They also write to all applicants who had been unsuccessful, whether at the interview or at the trail day stage. LEGAL AND ETHICAL RECRUITMENT - OUR POLICIES AND RULES ON RECRUITMENT they have several policies and rules to make sure that they don't only operate within the law when they're recruiting colleagues, but also operate ethically. These include the following. * Their equal opportunities statement. * Their equal opportunities procedures, which ensure that we hold fast to the statement. On recruitment and development this means that: * they appoint, train, develop and promote colleagues solely on the basis of merit and ability * only those qualifications and skills which are necessary for the job are used as criteria for selection * all internal and external advertisements are placed through John Clayton, Operation and Training Director, to ensure that they comply with the requirements of the policy * interviews are conducted by colleagues who ask questions which are strictly relevant to the job and non-discriminatory * no colleague is allowed to interview a friend or a relative * If the company employs relatives of current colleagues it will not give them preferential treatment nor appoint them against other candidates who are more suitable for the position. This applies whether the relative is seeking permanent or temporary work * The company would not appoint someone to a position where they would be directly responsible for a relative. ...read more.


Richer Sounds improve health and safety by teaching their employees the right ways of doing things so that their health will not be affected. All colleagues are trained never to lift a load which is too heavy; they are advice to call someone for help but they should never try to rake a risk. They also train their colleagues to check each day after work for basic fire risks before leaving the department or store at night. Their employees are also trained to have respect for electricity and to examine items like wire and plugs before being used. Colleagues who have no ideas about repairs should not take risk alternatively, they are told to disconnect the equipment and immediately place a warning notice on them. Richer Sounds always take action quickly whenever a hazard is pointed out. There are changes which are made to improve health and safety at Richer Sounds some of which are: Their colleagues report to the health and safety authority that there was asbestos (a dangerous material) in the basement of one of their stores. An immediate investigation was followed up and it was discovered that it was superlux , it was a substitute for asbestos but can still cause health and safety problems, this was quickly removed to prevent hazards and to keep their company safe. The heater in one of their stores stops working. The store manager decided to install a hot gas fire in the shop as to protect it customers from feeling cold. Sadly a customer wearing shell suit stood too near to the heater and the suit stated to melt. Luckily the customer wasn't hurt and his/ her suit was replaced, but they were very much aware that the heater was very hazard to customers and might cause problem. They instantly sent a multi-fax to all their stores rejecting the use of heat has heaters and all heaters that were installed were removed as they are dangerous. Changes were made to Stores checklist to include these instructions. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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