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Should Centre Parcs open a new holiday centre in the Forest of Dean

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Should Centre Parcs open a new holiday centre in the Forest of Dean Introduction In my report, it is my job to find out if it would be suitable to build a holiday park, such as Centre Parcs in the Forest of Dean, and to see the political, economical, social and technological influences to see if the Forest of Dean is the appropriate place to do so. Who are Centre Parcs Centre Parcs revolutionised the holiday market in Holland over 30 years ago and did the same in the UK when it opened its first village at Sherwood Forest in July 1987, offering short break holidays on a year round basis. Centre Parcs operates four Villages in the UK; each is set in a forest environment, typically 400 acres in size and provides high quality accommodation in fully equipped Villas, Apartments and Lodges, which are set amongst trees and streams. ...read more.


The Forest of Dean lies between the rivers Wye and Severn, in the western part of Gloucestershire, and on the borders of Wales and Herefordshire. The Forest is one of the most distinctive areas of Britain having a seductive charm and character that is uniquely its own. The stunning landscapes and spectacular scenery have inspired artists, craftspeople, inventors, poets and playwrights, as well as the many visitors who return year after year. Economical Influences Economical Growth If a Centre Parcs was opened in the Forest of Dean the Park could provide services that no other business could compete against. Putting other Companies out of Business. Also the business at the moment is attracting over 1.5 million visitors, and building another will increase income even more, and will allow other businesses such as shops and restaurants to expand due to the visitors that are staying at the park. ...read more.


International Trade Centre Parcs have sites all over Europe which include France, Germany, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands, and have tourist from all over the world visiting their parks that don't speak that language. Inflation People all over the world want cheaper holidays so centre Parcs provides that so there's potentially a greater market. Employment If a Centre Parc was created in the Forest of Dean, 1400 jobs would be available to the community (some needing special skills). Also Centre Parcs is a relatively low skilled and employs more than 6000 people per site, so people just finishing collage or previous jobs can easily apply and start gaining income. And as resources will be used in Centre Parcs, Primary businessmen will have the opportunity to grow by making resources and selling them to Centre Parcs. ...read more.

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