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SWOT analysis for Samia's Special Pizzas.

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´╗┐Appendix 2 SWOT Analysis The purpose of SWOT analysis is that it is an effective method of identifying what the strengths of the business at present and what are the weaknesses of the business, these relate to internal factors because these have to be handled by the Samia?s Special Pizzas so it can be easily for the company to have complete control over. SWOT analysis will also help Samia?s Special Pizzas to gather, analyse and evaluate information. The SWOT analysis can help Samia Special Pizzas indicate where the greatest opportunities lie and this is used to develop a plan of action. This can help give Samia?s Special Pizzas? a big picture of the most important factors for the company. The strength and weaknesses are internal while the threats are external. The strengths and weaknesses have to be matched with the opportunities in the external. The strengths of Samia?s Special Pizzas will tell the company the types of jobs they are good at hence making them easier to direct Samia?s Special Pizzas towards the right opportunity when it comes. ...read more.


Opportunities 1. Opportunities is those that offer important avenues for profitable growth, those where Samia?s Special Pizzas has the most potential for competitive advantage and those which the Samia?s Special Pizzas has the financial resources to pursue. Samia?s Special Pizzas could possibly try merging or form global alliances with other global retailers by focusing on specific markets in Europe. Since Samia?s Special Pizzas is substantially growing this could help the business to develop and new locations can be selected for the business to be situated. The Samia Special Pizzas needs to take the first opportunity to grow and expand by buying and rent places for the business to set up its business. Samia?s Special Pizza could play upon the competitor?s vulnerabilities, which tries to make the business different and try to make their own business better since they can try to locate the weakness of the competitors so our business can find a way to do better the competitors. ...read more.


or a condition that puts it at a disadvantage then other businesses in the same market sector. A businesses weakness could affect the overall impact of how the company is able to run and the amount of money going in and out of the business there is a possibility that the amount that goes in and out of the business. Other weakness of a Samia?s Special Pizzas is that if the business is expanding and becoming bigger it will need to make sure that it employs the right amount of employed staff because if they need a lot of new staff in a short space of time. They need to make sure that their workforce that they employ is not inexperienced and is with the right qualifications. The company needs to have a range of worker s hat have the right qualification to keep the business working at high standards and these needs to be done to maintain the customer?s satisfaction. Samia Ahmed SCGSG Centre number- 20315 Candidate number-5003 ...read more.

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