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Understand the contribution that the human resources department when being competitive.

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Understand the contribution that the human resources department when being competitive. "Competiviness is the ability of a company to operate efficiently and productively in relation to other similar entities. Competitiveness has been used most recently to describe the overall economic performance of a nation, particularly its level of productivity, its ability to export its goods and services, and its maintenance of a high standard of living for its citizens". Definition from Google. For Coca Cola it is things like, * Costs * Profiles * Profit margin * Labour effectivness. There are many ways in which you can improve competitiveness and these are different ways Coca Cola can do it. Coca Cola's employees It is often said that a business is only as good as its people. Businesses are increasingly recognising the benefits of employing a diverse mix of people. This means recruiting individuals with various: * racial and cultural backgrounds * ages * genders * sexual orientations * disabilities * religious beliefs Recruiting a diverse workforce has many business benefits. ...read more.


By recruiting employees from under-represented groups, you can avoid potential customers and possible discrimination eg employing womenin a traditionally male environment. The Coca Cola company has adopted different initiatives to promote ethnic minority differences. Female staff being recruited. Coca Cola have stores located in large ethnic countries such as asia and africa, in africa Coca Cola are trying their best to help in the aid of aids. Whether the firm is large or small, studies demonstrate that customers, staff and suppliers have greater loyalty to businesses that seek to be more representative of the communities they serve. This will help Coca Cola in many ways because it will allow more ptencial customers leading to profits. Human Resources- Research and Development and Training Without the human resources department training and developing their staff, the company would be less effective to the consumer. Without research and development you would not be one of the big competitors. Research and development needs to be carefully planned and managed to succeed. ...read more.


If the staff is more motivated they can offer the customers of Coca Cola better customer satisfaction. Only effective training can provide employees with the most efficient way of managing their resources and ultimately improving the performance of the business. Quality Control Quality standards are independently developed documents that set benchmarks for how a business manages its key processes. They can help your business whether you offer products or services. To achieve a standard of quality Coca Cola implement a quality management system in the business. This helps the company to: * achieve greater consistency in the activities involved in providing your products or services * reduce expensive mistakes * increase efficiency by improving use of time and resources * improve customer satisfaction * market your business more strongly What Makes my firm competative compared to pepsi? * Better marketing strategies * More skiled employers * Better production Inconclusion you can see that human resoucres are involved in many ways to make Coca Cola competative and the information given above show how they meet them and that is why Coca Cola is a big brand name which have very few competitors. Randeep Chana A2 ...read more.

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