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Describe the document you will create using your ICT skills

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Project Outline Describe the document you will create using your ICT skills. It is really important to make the purpose of your document clear, and describe where/when it will be used and who will be your audience. Research / Background Information Describe the steps that you took to collect information from both IT and non-IT sources for your document. Remember to say why the information that you have collected is relevant to your project (Is it fit for it's purpose, suitable for your intended audience?) What have you learnt from your research? Were you able to draw any conclusions of your own? ...read more.


Try out at least two different arrangements of the text, images and numbers. Save these drafts. Choose the layout you prefer giving reasons for your choice. Checking Once you are satisfied that you have checked your document, give it to someone else to proof read. Keep this draft; make a note on it of anything that needs to be corrected Evaluation Explain how you would have created your document manually. Explain the difference that using ICT to create your document made. Does your document suit its purpose? What improvements could you make if you had more time or different resources available? ...read more.


Confidentiality Was there a need for confidentiality in this document? What steps if any did you take to observe confidentiality? Appendices Include * Source documents you used to create your document (pictures you scanned in, notes, pricelists etc) * Any documents you used to collect information e.g. If you are doing a survey to collect information include a sample of your questionnaire and a summary of your results. * Your initial design * Your drafts * A screenshot of a search proving that you searched for information using multiple criteria and finally.... Put you final document on the front of your project documentation; attach a coversheet and hand in to meet the deadline 24/10/01 OCR GCSE ICT A Short Course (1094) Wycliffe College Richard O'Neill Page 1 of 2 Candidate Number 01/05/2007 ...read more.

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