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Design and build an electrical toy for children aged 5 years and over.

Extracts from this document...


GCSE Technology Coursework 2002-2003 Section One: Introduction Brief I intend to design and build an electrical toy for children aged 5 years and over. Children enjoy playing with electrical toys especially electrical pets, electrical cars and electrical trains. However having performed a study into the types of electrical toys on the market I have found a few that as to my knowledge do not exist. So I believe there is a need for a fresh idea in the electrical toy industry. The marketable product I intend to design and build will probably be made of plastic and/or wood with some form of a system inside. Section Two: Research Ideas 1. A remote controlled 'low-rider' car. 2. A Scalextric 'Smoke Start' System. 3. A mobile. 4. An electrical gear ratio demonstrator. 5. A pull-back car with lights working on a dynamo. 6. A remote controlled racing car. 7. A toy car launcher. 8. A mechanised pinball machine. 9. A mechanised fruit machine. 10. A mechanised 'ball' game. Explanation of My Ideas A Remote Controlled 'Low-rider' Car This is a car that is powered by batteries. The controller would be on a lead attached to the car. A button or some sort of trigger would be on the controller to activate the motor in the car similar to the type used in Hornby Railway trains and Scalextric cars. The 'Low-rider' suspension will either be a very simple form of hydraulics or gas. There would simply be a small cylindrical type of pump attached to the controller with a pipe travelling along the same lead as the accelerator control. When it reaches the car it will then be evenly separated between the four wheels and the car will rise and fall like an old American style 'Low-rider'. Use This toy will be used in the entertainment of young children who are interested in motorised vehicles. A Scalextric 'Smoke Start' System This will be a special section of track that fits in with normal Scalextric track. ...read more.


23 27 When looking for specific models would you rather come here than other high street stores such as WHSmith and Woolworth's? 31 19 Do you find smaller model shops more helpful than the larger high street stores? 42 8 What do you think of the idea of a remote controlled car with either hydraulic or air suspension so it can rise and fall like an American style 'low-rider'? 50 0 If you were looking for a gift for a small child between the age of 4 and 12 years old would you consider buying the 'low-rider' remote controlled car? 47 3 Do you believe that a 'low-rider' car with a rubber pocket that is pressed to lift the car up and down would be impractical? 37 13 Do you think hydraulics would be better than pneumatics? 16 34 Do you think pneumatics would be better than hydraulics? 34 16 Do you like the idea of a remote control 'low-rider' car? 48 2 So finally, do you believe I should create the remote control 'low-rider' car for my GCSE Technology project? 49 1 As the questionnaire shows there would be some demand for a remote control 'low-rider' and once created there would probably some demand for it at model shops and possible at larger toy retailers providing it will be quite user friendly and simple to work. I also spoke to Colin Bliss himself and asked him if he thought it would sell well and he agreed but he suggested that it should be easier to make in bulk and not be a wooden net style assembly procedure. Section Three: Choice Idea No. 1 - The Low-Rider A low-rider is usually a regular motor vehicle with some major adjustments. The classic low-rider was a usual automobile with adapted hydraulic suspension that enable it to bounce up and down and the wheels of the car would actually leave the road. ...read more.


It is extremely strong and matches all of the specifications. The wooden chasse was not as good as originally hoped. It was however very strong and could easily support the components it needed. Although it did not look very pleasing and in some points it as rather shabby, it did not really matter as it would be covered by the shell. The graphics were very good and very pleasing and were exactly what was planned. All of the electrical parts that were used were working well and if the dimensions of parts that were never ordered were added on the entire product would not exceed any limits on the specifications. Overall the entire product that was built was safe and extremely easy to operate. The idea of hydraulics was unfortunately abandoned as it was discovered from the beginning that it was far too difficult to incorporate them. Plus the fact that the product met all specifications and also challenged my abilities without the hydraulic suspension in any case. The Use of Resources I believe the one resource that I could have used to a far better extent was the time. Much time was lost when waiting for orders of electrical equipment that could have been ordered at the very beginning. I believe that if the time had been spent more wisely the product could have been finished completely with some time still left to make adjustments and final touches. However the rest of the production was good and most of the product was assembled with a high quality apart from the wooden chasse which went wrong in several places. The production followed most of the Lego prototypes and worked well apart from the lack of wheels and a battery holder in the final product. Overall Evaluation I believe that the largest waste was in time. It could have been spent in a far more wise method and much time was wasted waiting for ordered products. However I am fairly pleased with everything that was created, particularly the circuit with reversing motor and LEDs. Jack Lenox 11C Page 1 of 35 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Systems and Control section.

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