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Evaluation of 3D paper engineering project

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Evaluation of 3D paper engineering project We were very effective at managing the time that was provided. We finished our final products with plenty of time left before the deadline. This allowed us to make sure we had finished everything we were supposed to and create exploded drawings of every mechanism. We used each member in a different way. Ollie created the mechanisms for the birthday card, and coloured them in, Jonny did a lot of colouring as well and the writing, and Adam did all of the computer work. We have learnt how to make paper springs, and other mechanisms including the birthday box. ...read more.


This is because the colouring in was done with pencils, and it didn't look as professional as printing. But apart from that, I think I would hire our company. To mass-produce our products, we would be able to produce most of the parts on the computer, and print lots of them out, but a lot of the construction would have to be done by hand. We found a problem with the Christmas card at first, because we didn't know how to create a proper tab and move mechanisms. After we had read it in the textbook, we were able to make it successfully. All of the other cards worked at first, but we had to change them to make them more efficient. ...read more.


These include; -The beak shape 3D card - for an Easter chick -A unique springing box mechanism, inspired by the Orange advertisement. -A Tab and moving object mechanism for the Santa card -A second page with little springs mechanism for the get well soon card. We Used ICT to create this PowerPoint presentation, with information about the products, but as far as actually making the products is concerned, it was all done by hand. We could draw all the pictures on the computer and print them out to make the work look neater. We could make them out of thicker card, and colour them before they are constructed. We could also use a wider range of mechanisms, or some more complicated ones to make the cards more interesting. We could also use more than one mechanism for each card. ...read more.

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