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Produce a report describing, comparing and evaluating 2 types of documents from three different companies all evolved in the same market.

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Jonathan Fraser-Gadd Report Unit 1 Task 2: Introduction: I collected my documents from the following organisations, Barclays, Lloyds TSB and HSBC. These documents were payslip and a brochure. For task 2 I was required to produce a report describing, comparing and evaluating 2 types of documents from three different companies all evolved in the same market. In my report I will evaluate the different aspects each professional document have, for example layout, content and purpose. I will then go onto mention the good and bad points and compare the documents I have collected. I will be comparing and evaluating the following: * Presentation * Style * Layout * Text and graphic * Consistency * Readability Payslips: The first group of documents are payslips and were collected from the following banks: Barclays, Lloyds TSB and HSBC. Barclays Payslip: The Barclays payslip I collected is a strip of paper about 15cm by 6cm. This document contains all the relevant information for its purpose. The layout of this document is very neat and professional. The payslip contains tables, numbers, text and a logo. The documents readability is simple but is aimed at people who have a reasonable knowledge about banking, i.e. not aimed at children. The document is very bland, and only uses black and white. ...read more.


HSBC do not use a lot of small font writing on the back of the page unlike Lloyds and Barclays, however it does contain a free post envelope attached to the back. It has headings for each topic and the writing is neatly presented. Jonathan Fraser-Gadd Report Unit 1 Task 2: Good and bad points: In this part of my report I shall point out the good and bad parts on each of the above documents. Barclays Payslip: The Barclays payslip is very professional and contains the information required. The good attributes are clear on this document, these are: 1. Use of logo: they have decided to use their logo on the payslip for recognition and to make it more professional. 2. Size: the size of the paper is good because it's not big and this creates a more attractive look. 3. Organised neatly in boxes: this makes the documentations readability easier and helps guide the client to where they should write. 4. The information: this information is relevant to the document improving the document. There are also a few bad points with this document but overall this document is very good. 1. Quite cramped: this may cause the reader to become confused at points. 2. Hard to understand: the document would be difficult to understand if they are new too paying in money. ...read more.


Jonathan Fraser-Gadd Report Unit 1 Task 2: HSBC brochure: HSBC have used a different size for their brochure. Making it pocket size in width. Good points: 1. Contains a free post envelope attached to the back, this makes people reply because they don't have to worry about any outgoings or having to buy stamps. 2. Images are used in the similar way to Lloyds TSB. 3. Contents page. 4. Font sizes do not vary making it clear and easy to read. 5. Shows which ways you can bank with them on the back. Bad points: 1. The heading on the front of the brochure is small and may not stand out when on display. 2. Not enough information and is mainly bullet points. 3. The enquiry form at the back is not as clear to what is about then it should be. Conclusion: Overall the documents I have collected are at a very high standard; however they all need minor adjustments. I believe that the Lloyds documents were the most professional and did their job with more accuracy than the other two companies. I have compared all the results from my evaluations and put them in a chart. From these charts you can see which company had the stronger attributes. The company with the highest scoring marks was Lloyds TSB, then HSBC followed closely by Barclays. Jonathan Fraser-Gadd Report Unit 1 Task 2 ...read more.

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