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Blood Brothers Evaluation

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Tanushri Ms Tully 10a How effectively did "Blood Brothers" explore the differences in socio-economic status in Liverpool in the 1960's? We went to see the musical "Blood Brothers", at the Phoenix Theatre on February 4th 2008. "Blood Brothers" is set in Liverpool in the early eighties. It tells the terrible tale of two twins separated at birth, as a mother of seven and the only person in the house who earns money; she can't afford to keep them. She agrees to give one away to her employer, Mrs Lyons, a rich woman unable to have children of her own. One twin grows up in a middle class household and the other in a working class household. It is by fate that Mickey and Eddie become 'blood brothers', with no clue as to the irony. The play looks at the contrast in the way the two boys are brought up and the issue of social class in Britain in 1960. The main themes of the play are; superstition and socio-economic status. The narrators opening passage tells us what is going to happen in the play. He gives us a chance to make a judgement about the characters we have been told about. It creates tension as we wait for the other characters to be introduced. ...read more.


The sweater vest was torn and far too big, we could only assume it was a hand-me-down. On the other hand Eddie was neat and tidy and very clean. The actor was still able to play a 7 year old by using gestures and vocal techniques. He's very academic but when he puts up his hand it reminds us of his true age. Moreover, when Mrs Johnstone tells Eddie he's not allowed to play with Mickey, telling him to go or the bogeyman will get him, a young boy wouldn't know it's just a story. Mickey's character reads the "nearly eight" monologue with such enthusiasm and is full of life, energetic and quick, and easily distracted. The audience sees him as a child that embraces life. After Mickey came out of prison his speech was slow and he moved as if he couldn't be bothered anymore, little things didn't matter anymore. By using gesture and movement, the audience understands he was depressed. It's hard for the audience to imagine the energetic child they saw minutes ago had transformed into a grown man. I felt sympathetic towards Mickey; he had a pregnant wife to take care of and no job. Eddie was Mickey's best friend and his unknown twin, yet they were the complete opposite. ...read more.


Mrs Johnstone didn't had the power to say no because she worked for Mrs Lyons and may have felt inferior. Willy Russell highlights socio-economic status and its impact on life. He wants the audience to understand the difference class made on life. He says that the British society in the 1960's was unfair and unequal. Equal opportunities are still an issue of today, but for other issues such as race. From the production I learnt that it's not only acting that helps create tension but things like props, lighting and costume enforce the effect, also how hard it must be to get into character, considering the feelings running through the characters mind. To conclude, the features I thought worked well were the positioning of the two households, as it really showed the contrast between the classes. What also worked well was the tension in the final scene; the suspense sent waves of fright and expectancy thought the audience. Although all aspects of the play worked well, I feel some bits could have been improved. For example when Mrs Lyons attempts to stab Mrs Johnstone it could have been developed to look more dramatic and unexpected. Mrs Johnstone should have put up more of a struggle to stop the knife touching her. I also would have involved some sort of physical fight between the two mothers to increase the tension in the kitchen. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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