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Gcse Shakespeare Assignment Hamlet In Elizabethan Times People Paid Great Homage To the Queen Elizabeth 1.

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GCSE SHAKESPEARE ASSIGNMENT HAMLET In Elizabethan times people paid great homage to the queen Elizabeth 1. During the 16th century there was great tension between parliament and the monarchy, and Elizabeth upset many Catholics, although she did restore peace in the country later on. ...read more.


TV's, radio's etc, so theatres were very popular. Theatre groups performed forms of drama such as tragedy, comedy, tragic-comedy, and historical. Shakespeare would have had great difficulty with staging because of the lack of props and poor special effects. ...read more.


Because of the Elizabethan audiences were very superstious, Shakespeare could also use symbolism as an effective alternative. Spirits from heaven tended to come from an upper canopy that represented heaven and spirits from hell came from a trapdoor below the stage. The opening lines set the atmosphere for the rest of act 1. The mood is melancholic with a sense of mystery in the air. ...read more.

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