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Animal Farm - Comparison in between book and film

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V�ctor Toledo, english 10A Animal Farm English coursework: * Explore the differences between the novel and the film and analyse and discuss (in your opinion) the impacts that the changes have on the plot/ what works best? The book Animal Farm is based in real life communism, portraying it as Napoleon's leadership on all of the other animals and him becoming the leader by force, quickly taking command of the situation. To show this more clearly, in the adaptation to the movie, the director has made some changes to the plot, to some characters and changes to some events (and even deleting or 'inventing' them). Here is a basic table to simply list some of the most appreciable changes from the book to the film: No. FILM BOOK 1) At the end: Napoleon died, new owners came to the farm. ...read more.


The skull of the Old Major was hung. Moses, Mr Jones' raven, was killed. Nothing about that. 6) Humans spied the animals in the farm when they sung with a microphone. Nothing about that. 7) Napoleon and his followers got Mr Jones' camera equipment and used it to film propaganda to convince the animals that "Napoleon is good". Nothing about that. 8) Mrs Jones is with her husband throughout the whole film. Mrs Jones runs away from the farm in the middle of the night. 9) Mr Whymper does not appear. He does appear in a quite important role 10) Instead Mr ______ appears, 11) There is a scene of humans talking in a bar. Doesn't happen. There are more differences in between the movie and the book. In general, you can observe that things that the reader has to guess in the book, being because the author wants to maintain suspense or yet because he wants us to use our imagination to think about what was happened. ...read more.


Another difference, though subtle, is the language. In the book, first published in 1945, uses a difficult and complex language; while in the film language is very adapted for maybe a younger audience or so that anybody could comprehend the movie without getting bored from not knowing what the words mean. In my opinion, I think that the changes to the plot from the book to the film make the story more understandable and maybe becoming more suitable for younger children thanks to showing what happens more clearly, perhaps not in much detail as explained in the book. In a conclusion, the plot does change somehow, whether because of the characters, events or invented events. However the movie works best because the story is explained better and you can get an idea of what the story is about very close to reading the book. ...read more.

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