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Animal Farm, how is Napoleon portryed as an efective leader? Standard Grade English - achevied grade one

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Animal Farm "All animals are equal but some are more equal than others", the outcome of George Orwell's "Animal Farm". The allegory of the Russian Revolution focuses on Napoleon, a power crazed pig. Orwell displays the attributes of what makes him an effective leader as he cunningly banishes humans from Manor Farm. He then brainwashes the common farm animals, creating an army of followers with his beliefs. Throughout his time as dictator he creates his own utopia with no regard for "Animalism" and the fact he is constructing a dystopia for others on the farm. Napoleon has the power to give or take away necessities on the farm, so by him controlling the food supply he has absolute power over his followers and they will not question his authority. Money is needed to keep the farm running and Napoleon will stop at nothing to have this money even if it meant selling the other animals produce, denying them their rights and eventually having them murdered for their refusal: "Napoleon acted swiftly and ruthlessly. He ordered the hens rations to be stopped... nine hens died." Napoleon did not hesitate to ensure he is the main authority figure this is shown through the lexical choice of "swiftly". ...read more.


The lexical choice of "everything" suggests they are educated with mass amount knowledge. Most of it nonfactual information for the earlier times on the farm. With numerous number of youngsters sharing Napoleon's vision proves his use of authority is influential on their state of mind, doing this so to a great extent that he is an effective but uncaring leader. He wants the best outcome for the farm and the only way to have this is by brainwashing the minors and ignoring anything from the older farm members as they are likely to be gone and he has a powerful army which will stand by him. Snowball and the humans are vulnerable targets for Napoleon to create his common and absent enemy, any minor accidents that occurred will be attributed to these scapegoats creating hatred for them be the common animals. To take all bad views off Napoleon, Squealer the main source of propaganda used Jones as a diversion so the dystopia can continue: "... 'Surely comrades' cried Squealer, almost pleadingly, 'surely there is no one amongst you who wants to see Jones come back?'" The repetition of "surely" implies the information is untrue and has to be convincingly put across to prove its existence also the fact Squealer is "pleading" suggests panic. ...read more.


Any of Napoleon's wrongful events can be turned into positive memories: "Squealer could turn black into white." The quotation in reality is an impossible physical change but Squealer someway can convert Napoleon's "black", evil and disturbed plans into "white", positive and constructive attributes for the farm. The turnaround in connotations meant Napoleon gained respect mainly thanks to his main source of propaganda, Squealer. He could easily minipulate the animals, taking them aside, away from Napoleon to "explain privately" the purpose behind his rules. As he is doing it in secret the animals feel Napoleon has had no influence on Squealer words, when the truth is he set it all up. By promoting his cause through Squealer and not in public is another one of his propaganda tactics that showed his effectiveness of being a leader and show how determined he was to keep the dystopia running. Throughout George Orwell's classic allegory Napoleon used effective methods to run the farm. They consisted of scapegoats and accomplices so his plans are properly executed. By the end of the novel he has abolished the concept of "Animalism" and invited mankind into the dystopia he created: "The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it is impossible to say which was which." ...read more.

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