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Blood Brothers Evaluation

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Blood Brothers Evaluation After going on a trip to London to watch the musical 'Blood Brothers' we were asked to complete an essay which discussed the medium and elements of drama that had been portrayed within it. Similar to the famous play 'Romeo and Juliet', 'Blood Brothers' begins by revealing the ending. To set the scene, anticipation through the audience was created by using effective background music. This accompanied an illuminated gauze curtain that was covering the stage in front of the beginning scene. The curtain had ripples of red and blue projected onto it which prevented the audience from seeing perfectly how the scene behind was laid out. To the audience, this gave the effect of looking through water at a distorted image; obviously to give the idea of looking through time but not being able to see what is to happen clearly. Movement behind the gauze curtain gave a feeling of apprehension, and the fact that you saw the actors move into position helped you feel part of the show. The use of red and blue ripples to be projected on the screen could have several meanings. As the story began with seeing the dead brothers, the red could represent their bloodshed. The interesting use of blue combined with the red made me think of the well known phrase 'blood is thicker than water' so the colours could be being used to represent the relationships between Eddie and Mrs Lyons, and Eddie and Mickey. ...read more.


I believe it has been directed in this way because to each woman the narrator represents a different thing. To Mrs Lyons he represents her conscience which is heavy with guilt over the ways and means she got her baby. He also represents her paranoia which grows stronger as the play goes on. To Mrs Johnstone the narrator is a representative of the future and what is to come, which is closely linked to fate. As she is unable to look into the future she cannot see him, but only feel a sense of foreboding when he around. The director has used many methods to put the narrator 'above' the rest of the characters. At times he appeared on a higher level looking over the action, this gave him an 'all powerful', 'godlike' aura ensuring people knew he was in control. He also appeared at crucial points to help the story flow, and maintain its direction. Many symbols were used throughout the play, one being the bible. First making its appearance in the pact being sealed between Mrs Lyons and Mrs Johnstone it was then used periodically as a reminder to the promise and how it was sealed. It was important to use a bible as Mrs Johnstone is of the catholic faith and also extremely superstitious. It was these qualities that Mrs Lyons used to her own advantage. By frightening Mrs Johnstone into believing that the boys would die if they found out the truth, she hoped to ensure that they could lead separate lives. ...read more.


The fact that he was torn was shown by his reluctance to draw the gun and point it at Eddie. When he did so it was effective in many ways. Firstly the audience knew that they were brothers and wanted to know if they would ever find out, and secondly, we had been witnessing the deterioration in Mickey and the continuance of the characters instability meaning the ending possibilities were endless. Facial expression at this time was useful, the actor playing Mickey managed to convey a look of deep pain in his eyes, whereas Eddie was just in complete shock, fear, a hint of outrage and maybe an inkling of how much Mickey actually knows. We know that Eddie is in love with Linda, but in this end scene his has no idea of what Mickey is going to accuse him of. The climax builds to a point and all tension is released when inadvertently a gun goes off. Mickey has shot Eddie and simultaneously the police shoot him. The twins have left the world in the same way as they entered it: together. In conclusion I found the play was filled from head to toe with symbolism, themes, and subtle hints to almost everything. A great use of lighting and music created the right feeling at the right moment, and most importantly the audience felt included without being addressed directly. Several social and cultural aspects were pointedly focused on as well as the radical difference between the lower and upper class in those days. Overall a successful play involving many of the mediums and elements of drama. Gabi Wakefield ...read more.

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