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Brave New World (Chapter Thirteen) - Consider how the interaction between the characters in this chapter shows the range of values that exist:a) In the 'Brave New World' society itself (Henry, Lenina, Fanny), and b) Between Lenina and John.

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Sarah Harris Brave New World (Chapter Thirteen) Consider how the interaction between the characters in this chapter shows the range of values that exist: a) In the 'Brave New World' society itself (Henry, Lenina, Fanny) b) Between Lenina and John Huxley utilises the interaction between characters to convey the values and ideals featured in Brave New World. During this essay I will be discussing how Huxley has successfully used conversion between characters to achieve portrayal of values within chapter thirteen. The opening paragraph sees Henry Foster inviting Lenina to the 'feelies', when Lenina declines his offer he simply asks "'Going out with someone else?' It interested him to know which of his friends was being had by which other." This reflects not only the way Henry views situations and values but is also acting as a voice for the entire society in Brave New World. It is clearly observed that a lack of morality exists and that possessive values are absent. "Henry detected weariness in those purple eyes, the pallor beneath that gaze of lupus, the sadness at the corners of the unsmiling crimson mouth". ...read more.


Lenina then takes this advice, as she feels ashamed of feeling differently, her language is hesitant and occasionally left unfinished. Fanny always has the last word during their conversations, and as always, her departure here is very final. This reflects that society cannot be changed or influenced in any way and obligatory to conform to this society, as Fanny is acting as the whole of their society in this scene. This helps to confirm the routes mapped out for John and Bernard in the story. The interaction between John and Lenina is extremely important in the portrayal of the values and thus lack of, in the society and register of Brave New World. Lenina's conception of love is to engage in sexual acts, whereas John is able to view a deeper meaning and has much stronger, identifiable feelings toward Lenina, which we, as the audience, can recognise as love. John tells Lenina he loves her, therefore she makes the assumption he wants to have sex with her. Any move toward individuality is lost within this scene. She also quotes hypnopaedia to John during their dispute - 'A gra-amme is be-etter...'. ...read more.


Again, he uses archaic, Shakespearean language - 'If I do not usurp myself, I am.' / 'Yes, didn't you hear me say so? Mr. Savage speaking'. The voice on the other end of the telephone did not understand him, due to distinct lack of both historical and literary knowledge prominent in Brave New World society. John's reaction is similar to that of our own yet is seemingly odd in Brave New World as ii is extremely out of place. This reaction is, once again, stressing how unimportant relationships between individuals are. Soma still plays an important part for characters such as Fanny and Lenina. Lenina uses it when in uncomfortable, unfamiliar situations and surroundings, for example when going to see John. This demonstrates dependence on objects rather than people, thoughts or feelings in the book. 'Half a gramme had been enough to make Lenina forget her fears and embarrassments' These emotions appear very normal ones in her situation and yet she has the need to take soma to counteract them. When Lenina is under the effects of soma, the tone used mimics her actions, unhesitant and flowing. It appears that here she is under control of the situation, but really she is under the power of soma. ...read more.

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