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Character Development of Shakespeare

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Character Development of Shakespeare's Romeo Several characters change their personality during the course of the play. Small changes occur rather then big ones. This eventually causes destitution and havoc. For example, Romeos love changes from Rosaline to Juliet - for reasons only Romeo knows. In this essay I shall concentrate on the ways in which Romeo changes thought the play. Firstly, Romeos outlook of life generally has changed. When he was in love with Rosaline he felt life still was working with him. However, the felt the opposite when he fell in love with Juliet. He felt depressed and locked himself in a room because he broke up with Rosaline. ...read more.


When he finally slept with Juliet, he had no problem going far from her 'in order to make the plan work'. Secondly, Romeo changed when he fell in love with Juliet. He became nicer to the Capulet's and was less violent towards everyone. He did reveal his feelings to Benvolio though, as well as the Friar and the Nurse which helped his express his love to Juliet to some extent. He claimed the love was wonderful and he had never felt like that before. He felt that his love was different this time round, and that he could spend the rest of his life with Juliet - something he would probably not have said about Rosaline. ...read more.


Had she been another cast, Romeo would have shown his 'masculinity' to Juliet by beating the Montague's up - as he had done with Rosaline. This was shown in the scene between Tybalt and Romeo. Romeo ignored Tybalt and did not want to fight. However, this was because Tybalt was Juliet's brother. However, Tybalt still died by Romeo, but Romeo does cry a lot, and it was an accident, which illustrates that Romeo did not want to kill - as he had wanted to do so before. Overall, Romeo's personality developments are small and not 'visible' but when analysed have a huge part to play in the events of the play. Romeo becomes more responsible and human like to the Capulet's which shows he is maturing. ...read more.

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