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Commentary on "Harmonium" by Simon Armitage

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The poem harmonium examines the relationship of a father and son. I think Armitage has written this poem for parents and children as they would be able to relate to the emotions in the poem. The Author uses the Farrand Chappelette which is a type of Harmonium or small organ to help him reflect the love that he has for his father. In the first stanza the poet talks about the Farrand Chappelette which was ?gathering dust? telling us that it is getting old and it was due to be taken to the skip if Armitage had not wanted it. In the final line of the first stanza Armitage declare that he could have it for a ?song ? an idiom which means that he could have had it very cheap. In the second stanza the poet talks about the sunlight through the glass which could ?beatify saints? in other words bless them and make them more god like and above normal people. ...read more.


The poet uses many techniques in the poem such as metaphors for example ?fingernails? describing how the sun has ruined the keys of the organ. Also the poet uses personification saying that one of the notes has ?lost its tongue. In the 3rd stanza Armitage uses alliteration twice in the same line, the ?hummed harmonics still struck a chord?. I think this the poet is trying to tell us that the harmonium is close to his heart even though it is old and aged and i think that ?struck a chord? has a double meaning that it also triggered a memory of him singing in church which the verse then goes onto say. I think the message of the poem is that one day your parents will die and the thought of that is not very comforting but remembering the good and bad times can help you get through this. The poem for me is written from the heart and is emotionally very overpowering and the last verse is so powerful that it makes me ...read more.


In farming nitrogen oxide reacts with OH from the rain to form nitric acid which then acidifies the soil making it hard for the plants to grow. The acid stops the growth of the roots therefore the plant cannot absorb enough nutrients which makes the plant grow very slowly and sometimes turn a yellow colour due to the large amounts of acid. N02 + OH = HNO3 This is a huge problem for farmers so they spray calcium carbonate onto the acidic soil to neutralize the soil so that the pants can grow better and faster which is needed for farmers to make a better profit it and the reaction produces produces the calcium nitrate. CaCO3 + HNO3 = Ca(NO3)2 + H2O + CO2 The plants can then use these nitrate ions in the soil and combine them with glucose to make amino acids which the plant the uses for proteins which help it grow and turns the acidic soil into more nutrients for the plant which it needs to grow. Neutralisation neutralise ...read more.

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