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Compare the poems 'upon Westminster bridge' by Wordsworth and 'London' by Blake.

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BY Richard Warman Compare the poems 'upon Westminster bridge' by Wordsworth and 'London' by Blake In the poem 'upon Westminster bridge' by Wordworth he describes London from Westminster. He describe it as the most beautiful place on earth of early in the morning. Wordsworth say no-one could ignore such a beautiful unless they were "dull of sole" this means that any one with a sole would find this sight so beautiful and someone with out a sole is like a sad and cant see the inner beautiful of London. Wordsworth use the word City he uses the capital letter for city is shows that Wordsworth makes the place important and this is a sign of respect. Wordsworth also uses a a metaphor within the poem he describes the city as a "bath in beauty" he also says that it is fell like he is wearing the morning. ...read more.


Wordsworth describes London as "bright" "glittering" smokeless" he uses these words because it is the time of the morning the sun is reflecting and no movement of people this time of the morning. This is an experience of London of the wealthy parts that Wordsworth would of visited. In Blake's poem we see all the negative aspects of London. Wordsworth describes the way that the sun has made the city look as beautiful as equal to the natural world look. we always thinks of the natural scenery is more beautiful than the city like the mountains and the river but wordsworth sees the city just as beautiful. Wordsworth says has never experience such a calm, beautiful, and tranquil. Wordsworth describes the river as "glided" smooth, elegant, Daingerfield calm. ...read more.


Blake sees the complete opposite of what Wordsworth look at London. Blake is walking around the streets of London and meeting people, every one that he meets is unhappy there is lots of misery due to the poverty and the social conditions. This is where the government is not helping the people in need. Repetition Blake emphasise how much everyone is suffering. Blake writes about how everyone is unhappy and the phase "infants cry of fear" this is not right because babies should not be aware of fear London has got so terable that children suffer this is bad because the life is not right and should be changed. "Mind forged manacles"alliteration this is a image of people become so used to living in poverty they can not be motivate them selves to get into a better life and live life in stile and see London the same why that wordsworth does ...read more.

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