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Comparison Between Latern Yard and Raveloe

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Comparison Between Latern Yard and Raveloe Introduction Latern Yard and Ravloe were two different towns, religiously and socially. People in Latern Yard were more religious and less friendly, but in the other hand Ravloe was less Religious but friendly. In Latern Yard the church played an important part in the people's life, it was like the heart of the town. Silas had two different lives in these two towns, in Latern Yard he had friends he went out and hang about, but in the Ravloe his life was completely different, he had no friend; he just stayed at his home all through his day. All this change in his life because his so called friend, William Dane, which murdered the guy, and set up Silas Marner so everyone would think his the actual murder, that absolutely runt his life, made him leave the town and go live in Ravloe. When Silas was living in Ravloe he did not see how Ravloe was in the eyes of the community, he saw nothing but hate and loneliness in Ravloe, but after fifteen years of living his image about Ravloe was starting to change, he found there is more to this town than what he thought. After people start to know about Silas and his problem, they all tried to help him, and Dolly helped Silas with the child. ...read more.


Latern Yard amazingly grew in size; people were working harder than ever, the pollution was absolutely covering the whole town, but no one took that in consideration, or try to prevent it. On the other hand Ravloe was absolutely hopeless on being an industrial town, because people cared more about their own social life, they wanted to enjoy their life, just earn sufficient cash to live a joyful and simple life with their neighbours, instead of their time on industry and polluting their town. Silas was the only person that was in to industrial business in Ravloe, which earned him a lot of money. Inhabitants In Lantern Yard, Silas had a friend; or so he thought, which put him against the law, and made everyone hate him. He was called William Dane. Unfortunately, William Dane set Silas up by using Silas' knife to take that persons life by stabbing him, and stole his money, and putting the knife back Silas' pocket so everyone would misjudge him as if he was the killer. Silas was oblige of a crime he didn't commit, and after while people despite him, and from than on everyone made a decision that he wasn't allowed to step foot in the church no longer, it was as if he was exiled from the town. ...read more.


While everyone in the town were enjoying them selves on any special event, he was just sitting in the house and working. He lived all through out his days working and nothing meant more to him than money, till one day, a child was left in front of his house, he was going to keep it for a while and give to church, the longer he spent time with her, he became more attached, he felt alive, so he was confused what he was going to do with the child keep it or give it away. After a while he decided to keep the child and name her Eppie, and as time past they became like father and daughter, and Silas didn't really cared about his money anymore because he found something more important in his life than money. Eppie found a love in her love called Aaron, and decided to get married. Silas decided to go to Latern Yard after thirty years and see how people would treat him there, because of his past history, when he got there everything was changed, the people the area, no one even no who he was, he was glad by the changes in Latern Yard, it amazed him how people lives changes to something that they would never expect. ?? ?? ?? ?? Done by: Ali Rezaei Date: 17.4.2001 ...read more.

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