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Creative writing Standing in the pelting rain, gusting winds and hoping the luck will be with me

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Creative Writing Standing in the pelting rain, gusting winds and hoping the luck will be with me. I am standing 12 yards away from the ball and I am glaring at it. The determined striker, looking at the ball like his prey and he was the predator and he started running towards it. "I have to save it, I have to" saying in my head. He approached the muddy wet ball and in the background I see my players in disbelief. 119 minutes gone in the final of the cup, 3-3 and the pressure was on me. He stroke the ball tremendously sweet and the next thing I know, "bang". The ball crashed into the net. I fell into the mud in the goalmouth and the final whistle blew. Tilted my head up from the floor and looked at my team mates. "Don't worry 'bout it", but I could see they was disappointed. "Beep.......Beep.....Beep...Beep.Beep". I jumped up from my bed sweating. Relieved, it was a dream and I puffed and lay back down and looked up at the ceiling and close my eyes. ...read more.


He better not have one of his mad games on Sunday, if he does we might aswell start with 10 men. Was Sunday morning and just hours before kick-off. I didn't get much sleep, but at least I didn't have another football nightmare about conceding a penalty and letting them score. Instead I had a dream that their fans had drums and good support for some reason. We was coming out of the tunnel, well not a tunnel but similar. "Are you nervous" said Raj "Yeah course I am, but I can't wait". Raj was our striker but he liked being called Albert to fit in because he was the only Asian player in our team. I was second in line behind the captain and we run out on to the pitch. There was some old 70's music playing on the loudspeaker on the stand. The stand was made of wood with paint peeling off and was only a quarter of the length of the pitch, but what was I expecting? Was half time in extra time and it was 3-3. ...read more.


The horrible feeling went from inside of me. The dreams, the dreams, I told myelf having just realised. The referee blew his whistle. The rain was crashing down on me and the wild wind was blowing into my face. The drums were banging as fast as my heartbeat getting faster and faster like my alarm clock. Half way through his run up his eyes was lit up and staring at the soggy ball like he wanted to kill and put all the power he has got into it. On the sidelines I could see my parents and the players in front hoping helplessly. I remembered back to the dream and seeing the disappointment on my team mates faces. I wasn't about to let that happen again even though it had all the ingredients of the dream. The penalty taker seemed like he was going in slow motion. He stroked it as sweet as a lemon and I started to dive. Flying through the air, soaking wet, cold and grey, "Bang"....... Saved. Caught it, booted it up into the air, the ball wresting with the strong winds. It fell to Albert and the ball fired into the back of the net. ?? ?? ?? ?? James Walker Creative Writing Coursework ...read more.

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