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A quick, stealthy character moves across the office, photocopying top secret files. The information was very damaging stuff. He leaves as quickly as he enters. Who is this person? Why does he want this information? Will the press get hold of it?

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The Rayman walked down an alley, on the way to his hide-out. He was a short man, who had brown hair with flecks of grey. In places he was going bald, he had shaven his hair very short. He had a well shaven beard. His face was an average face with brown eyes. He wore brown trousers, with black shoes. On the top he wore a brown, well-ironed polo shirt. Over it he wore a leather jacket. When he was around people he walked with a limp. This hid his true identity.

He got to his house, flicked on the televison to the news. He now heard about a break in at 10 Downing Street. Also he heard about the top secret documents that have been stolen. The next day he decided he wants these secret documents. He needed a team of mastermind criminals to work with. He got one of his closest colleagues, Rumbo. His plan was to get arrested with all these other mastermind criminals. He and his colleagues have been informed about a truck transporting guns around for the army.
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The Rayman and Rumbo were on the trail of the truck. The truck took a left down a empty road. The Rayman put his foot on the accelerator and zoomed past the truck then did a handbrake turn straight in front of the truck. The two of them jumped out of the car with their balaclavas on. They were both holding automatic shotguns, with the barrels sawn off.

The Rayman opened the door on the drivers side and blew the drivers head off. Rumbo did the same to the passenger. The Rayman put the bodies in ...

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