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Eating Sugar

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Eating Sugar Written by Catherine Merriman A.) The story is about Alex and his family, and it clearly shows the differences between a native and a tourist. It describes the relationship between Alex and his daughter and it also describes their vacation in Thailand, and the complications that follow. The author Catherine Merriman has written a short and interesting story, called "Eating Sugar". The story begins in media res, which means the story begins in the middle of the story without any introduction. The characters and conflict are introduced through a third person and to make the story more real, there is also used dialogue, which informs us about the characters feelings and thoughts during the story. The themes of the story are fear, distrust, tourist and native, and prejudiced. In this story there is a main character a man, named Alex. From the beginning of the story we are told, that the main character has a wife named Eileen and a daughter named Suzanne. They are in holiday in Thailand and they are lost in a forest in a foreigner country. Alex and Eileen are very terrified and worried. They are afraid, because they can't find a way, away from the waterfall, and they are lost in a strange country, which also frightens them. Eileen shows or expresses her fears directly: She finds it very stressful in Thailand and she wasn't embarrassed to show it. ...read more.


This quotations shows that the four Thai men were very surprised and astonished when they saw Alex and Suzanne and Eileen, because they are not used to see tourists or a foreigners in their country. They were very curious to know where they are from. They also thought that Suzanne was a film star perhaps because she looked good and she is a white girl. They were disappointed when they found out that she was a teacher and they were stunned that she could speak Thai. One of the Thai men was very open about himself. He told them that his name was Wirut and that he is from the east, near Surin. Unlike Eileen who was very cruel and prejudiced because of the way the Thai men spoke English. She thought that he was drunk and she fears the four Thai men. But Suzanne tries to reprove her mom: "An Issan. Very rural. I don't suppose he meets many westerners (...)" . In this quotation it shows that Suzanne is more friendly and open towards stranger, perhaps because she is a teacher and she meets a lot of different kinds of people, who have different cultures. Unlike her Mother and father who takes distances from the Thai men. Alex gets very scared at the end of the story. He shows his fear in the last page where he finds out that he is the only man to protect his family: "Alex was aware again of his heart thumping. ...read more.


It is easy for the tourists to create an "other", because as it says in the text; impersonal relationship is hard to communicate with or share social and interpersonal meaning. According to text 4 the native and the tourist defines "us" in opposition to "them". We can relate text 4 with Eileen and Alex. They are very scared and prejudiced when they meet the four Thai men. They don't trust them and they are also afraid of them because they are different from them. In text 5 there is a picture, where we can see a man and a woman who is in vacation. They have holiday clothes on. We can relate the man and the woman with Eileen and Alex because they are also in vacation. B.) English has reached high status world-wide because it is the mother tongue of millions of people all over the world. English is used to establish and keep connection and relationship between people with different backgrounds from different cultures. We are able to communicate with people in almost all countries all over the world and it is a good thing. As we can see in the text "Eating sugar" Suzanne and the four Thai men can communicate although, the four Thai men are not that good to speak English, but they do understand each other. If you are tourist it is good to have a global language as English because if you are lost somewhere, then you can speak English, so they can help you out. ...read more.

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