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educatiing rita

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How does Willy Russell present the change and development of the relationship between Rita and frank in 'Educating Rita'? 'See if I'd started takin' school seriously I would have had to become different from me mates an' that's not allowed.' Rita explains to Frank at the beginning of the play why she failed at her education. 'Most of the kids with whom I visited that place accepted that it was their lot to end up in that place.' The link between Willy Russell and the character Rita shows how Russell links Rita to himself. He unveils his life experiences in the form of Rita and how he changed and developed as a person. 'It's the only time I can ever feel real hatred for another human being.' Willy Russell explains how he hated his teacher. 'I came to tell you you're a good teacher.' Rita explains to frank how she thinks he's a good teacher. These quotes show the differences that Rita and Russell have with there teachers. Russell could be trying to communicate the experiences he wished he could have had with his teacher and how his life could have been different with alternative guidance and nurturing. Willy Russell communicates ideas throughout the play. ...read more.


In act 1 scene 5 there are changes to the characters of Rita and Frank. Rita has reached crisis point with Denny and Frank reveals some of his past to Rita. Rita is at crisis point with Denny, 'Denny found out I was on the pill again, it was my fault, I kept me prescription out. He burnt all me books.' Rita's use of colloquial language (me books etc.) which shows the lower class culture she was brought up in. Rita's repetitive use of 'I' reinforces the idea that she keeps blaming herself and its no-one else's fault. The sentence is structured in clauses. Prior to her revelation, Rita is staring blankly out of the window. This shows how worried and serious her argument with Denny is. The audience are alarmed. Rita later asks Frank if he actually likes drinking. He replies, 'oh yes. I love it. Absolutely no guilt about it.' In the structure of the sentence repetition is used as he is stating the same thing repeatedly in a row. Short sentences are used to create a dramatic effect. His dependency on alcohol is now made clear to the audience. ...read more.


He starts off as an alcoholic and ends up resolving to make a change. He begins to find his independence by starting a new leaf in Australia. However Australia is not permanent as he is being sent there as his 2 year suspension for being drunk while giving a lecture. 'I'm gonna take 10 years off you'. This shows Rita inspiring regeneration and growth of confidence in Frank. There relationship evolves gradually as it starts as a promising relationship into a student-teacher relationship and finally into a close friendship. I think Willy Russell has ended the play the way he has, leaving an open ended ending for Rita and Frank, because it leaves the audience thinking as to what happens next or where will the characters end up? It makes you feel indecisive about what will happen. It leaves this lasting effect of 'What happens next?' The relationship between Rita and Frank communicates emotional dependency to the audience on a deeper level. This is portrayed in the Frank is emotionally dependent on Rita when she feels as if she needs to more on. 'you really don't have to put in the odd appearance out of sentimentality. I'd rather you spare me that.' This shows how he thinks that he needs Rita but despises her for coming. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jauhar Sumra ...read more.

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