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English discursive writing Should celebritys private lives be made public by magazine and newspaper? Should secondary school students go out to work during the school holidays?

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English discursive writing Should celebrity's private lives be made public by magazine and newspaper? Pros: * Gossip magazines profit by revealing news which may attract more people to buy them. * Celebrities, too, make additional profits as a result of the media's interest. Since both newspapers and magazines are common reading materials, hence a large number of readers may come to know about this piece of news. As such, celebrities can make use of this chance to win popularity and become famous. Articles or reports about them may also attract more to buy DVDs or tickets from these celebrities. Cons: * Celebrities may be affected by the paparazzi after having their private lives being revealed to public. These paparazzi who constantly disturb them while working or even, after working hours may cause celebrities to feel stressed out after an exhausting day of work. ...read more.


Thus, the celebrity's reputation may be ruined. * Everyone, regardless of whatever job they hold, have the right to have their own private live. This allows people to develop relationships and express themselves freely without the whole world knowing. Celebrities, too, deserves a good rest after work. Hence, it is also important to ensure that celebrities have a comfortable and quiet environment to rest in after an exhausting day of work. Should secondary school students go out to work during the school holidays? Pros: * By working during the school holidays, secondary students can earn extra cash which could be saved up and used to pay for their college, or to be used as their own pocket money, hence learning to be more self-reliant. * Students, in return, can also receive the knowledge of responsibility and what it means to earn a dollar. ...read more.


Even though it is during school holidays, there is bound to be a certain amount of school work to be completed within a given amount to time. Furthermore, for those students who happen to have co-curricular activities during the holidays, it may be difficult to mange time well. As such, it may be stressful for students to work during school holidays. * Moreover, after receiving their pay, students may not know how to manage their money well. Instead of saving it up or using it for good purposes, they may end up spending it on frivolous things such as game discs and electronics. As such, the students may turn out having the wrong moral values, thinking that the money they make could be wasted as they wish, indulging themselves on expensive things. * Students may also find it extremely hard to keep up with school work as they may have spent long hours working. Hence, their grades may suffer as a result. ...read more.

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