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Hobsons Choice.

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Hobsons Choice was written in 1915 by a cotton industry salesman named Harold Brighouse. He was born in 1882 in Eccles, Salford in Lancashire. His father also worked in the cotton industry. Brighouse only wrote plays in his spare time away from his hectic job as a salesman. He wrote about local working class people. He later resigned from his cotton industry job and became a full time playwright once he realised his potential. At the time of publication it was fashionable to write about northern people because of the unique humour that they posses. The play was performed in local theatres at first but later toured Britain in order to give the British public a chance to see Brighouse's work. Hobsons choice is set in the early 1880s, this is at the main time of the Victorian era, and it was set in Salford, Brighouse's hometown. It shows the audience how much people have changed in such a short period of time. The 1915 audience would find the characters of the play amusing because of their 'silly' old-fashioned ways. Hobson is a symbol of an old Victorian man. His old fashioned ways would entertain the audience of the time. Maggie is a symbol of a modern Victorian woman; she breaks all of the 'rules'. ...read more.


I set the hours in this house. It's one o'clock dinner because I say it is, and not because you do.' Maggie sarcastically says 'Yes father' this shows that she takes no notice of what her father is saying because of his tone against her. The dialogue shows that Maggie will stand up for herself and will not be proven otherwise. Maggie is un-afraid and brave. We can see lots of examples of this throughout the script. One of them is when she stands up to her farther when se tells him that she will be marrying Willie. Hobson straps Willie with his belt. Willie tells him that if he does it again he will walk out of the shop. Maggie tells her farther, 'If Willie, goes I go' This shows how brave she was towards her farther and she could have easily ad left Willie to walk out of the shop by himself. Within the script we see Hobson try to act like a stereotypical Victorian farther. He is very stubborn and firm with other characters. When he goes to Maggie and Willies cellar on Oldfield Road, Willie tries to give him advice on what to do with his fine, Hobson says, ' I didn't come here to see you, you jumped up cock-a-hooping...' ...read more.


see her propose to Willie which would have been frowned upon because it was believed that it was mans place to propose to the woman. Willie is also very un-stereotypical character because of his actions. We see his character having to talk up to people because of his status. We see him being bossed about by women and we also see him develop into a stronger character. Brighouse chose the title to the play because it has a hidden meaning. The phrase 'Hobsons Choice' means no choice but to choose an option, which you don't like, but you have no choice but to take. In the play Hobson had no choice but to accept to let Willie take over half of his business and for the title of the business to be 'Mossop and Hobson.' By the end of the play we see Willie develop into a stronger character and stands up to Maggie and Hobson. He says 'Mossop and Hobson or its Oldfield Road for us, Maggie.' This dialogue shows how Willie had developed into a stronger character and finally had the courage to stand up to Maggie and Hobson. The audience would enjoy seeing this because they had followed Willie all the way through the play and had wanted for him to become a stronger character. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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