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How love affects the poets in Valentine and Funeral Blues.

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Name: Basma R Teacher: Mr. Chris Assignment: Exam Practice - Love Poems. Date: 25.04.11. Word Count: 1036 How does love affect the poets in “Valentine” and “Funeral Blues”? In the poem Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy, love affected the poet in various ways which made her view love in a new and different way, revolving her perspective of love on an onion. In the poem Funeral Blues the poet W.H. Auden was also deeply affected by love, to the point that his lover became everything to him. In Valentine the poet, Carol Ann Duffy, metaphorically expresses her perspective of love through an onion, and uses this unique view of love to illustrate its evolution from good to bad. In the poem (Valentine), Duffy rejects every other romantic gift “Not a red rose or a satin heart” and “not a cute card or a kissogram” and instead presents her lover with an onion, granting him with an uncommon yet more meaningful version of love, instead of the usual clichéd versions. ...read more.


Carol Ann Duffy suggests how love is passionate ?its fierce kiss will stay on your lips?, a kiss which is usually sweet is contrasted with ?fierce? to exaggerate how the kiss is full of feeling, leaving a stinging feeling on the lips. The word ?fierce? also implies an animal like characteristic provoked by love, as the animal attacks its prey in a ?possessive? way. The poet also brings up a person?s want for a never ending relationship ?faithful as we are, for as long as we are? but in reality, love ends as soon as the ?possessive? need for each other dies out. The poets negative thoughts of a long lasting love are reinforced in ??shrink it to a wedding ring if you like. Lethal? Duffy gives the option of marriage, even though she?s against it and believes that it?ll end badly. The phrase ?shrink it to a wedding ring? emphasises the weakening of love, especially after marriage as it becomes ?lethal? and deadly. ...read more.


Auden describes his love as his ?week?, ?noon? and ?midnight? comparing him to time, which is never ending and always present, implying their future together. Their love was so strong that Auden was certain for a future together, never imagining of a life without him ?I thought that love would last forever: I was wrong?, this reinforces how their love has died, that his everything is dead, and therefore part of him is dead as well. At the end of the poem, Auden?s perspective of life changes ?the stars are not wanted? pack up the moon? pour away the ocean? the world has lost its appeal, life has become meaningless and useless. The stars, moon and oceans which usually hold amazing beauty, have become worthless and featureless, similar to the poets life. In the last verse, Auden has completely given up on life ?for nothing now can ever come to any good? he doesn?t see any future for him, he is blinded by his dead lover, nothing can make him happy anymore. ...read more.

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