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In Barter by Sara Teasdale, the author uses many literary techniques to enrich the poem

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Poetry essay In Barter by Sara Teasdale, the author uses many literary techniques to enrich the poem, I think he uses three main techniques; these techniques are sensory images, metaphors and similes. The author uses many times sensory images two examples of sensory images in the poem would be: ?Soaring fire that sways and sings? and ?Scent of pine trees in the rain?. With the first example, we can feel what the author describes. We can feel the heat of the flames from the fire, touching our skin. ...read more.


So I think that in this sentence the author has really well used the words to create a perfect sensory image that gives us the impression to be at the authors place next to the fire. In the second example, the author describes the scent of pine trees. When I think about pine trees the first thing that comes to my mind is the smell that it gives out, this fresh and delicate odor. But this smell can be accentuated by the rain, and when you walk in a forest of pine trees an hour after it has rained, so ...read more.


darkness of the thoughts, so I really like the fact that the author compares what we could call physical darkness, a real darkness, a place with no light to a more spiritual, mental darkness, I think this metaphor has been really well thought by the author. The last way the author uses to enrich the poem is by using similes. An example of a simile in the poem is: ?Holding wonder like a cup?. With this example we can clearly see that the author compares wonder, wonder is usually something that gains us when we see something that amaze us. ...read more.

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