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Madly in love!!!!!!!!

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Madly in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10/06/06 Umar, Umar, Umar, Umar, Umar, Umar, Umar, Umar, Umar, Umar, Umar, Umar, Umar, Umar, Umar, Umar, Umar, Umar, I really, really do love you from the bottom of my heart and I hope you love me too. I love the way you smile and the way your pearly white teeth look wonderful when you grin. Your big brown eyes sparkle but don't even bother to look towards me, but I know one day they will. Your hair is so attractive, short and spiky. 11/06/06 Today, I followed you and you looked so beautiful as always but today it was just a little extra. I wish you were mine. Everyone says that I'm obsessed with you but there is nothing wrong with loving someone and especially if he's as gorgeous as you. ...read more.


12/06/06 I left a present for you today on your desk. I spent ages looking for a teddy bear saying I love you on it, I also found you a card which said I love you and will you be mine please. I spent all my savings on them. I waited for you to leave the class and hid at the end of the corridor to see if you would open the present or not. You did, I was really nervous to see what your reaction would be but I was a bit, only a tiny little bit hurt when you laughed when you saw the teddy and then chucked it in the bin. You ripped the card into pieces and threw them up in the air, but I know you were just trying to show off to your mates. ...read more.


thing she doesn't know is that us two are made for each other and no strength in the whole universe can separate us so who is she. Don't worry I'll sort things out and I trust you more than myself. xXx 14/06/06 I didn't want to use this method and I will never be able to forgive myself for this deed but there was no other alternative. Why did you do this to me? You left me for that Nadia, you knew that I loved you to bits but still you ignored it. Now you will suffer the consequences until you don't learn what true love means. When you realise that you have feelings for me I will unlock the key to my heart and release you. For yours truly Alisha xXx ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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