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The day I will never forget Istanbul, Ataturk stadium was my destination. I arrived at Istanbul international airport at five o clock pm. I got off the plane and went through the immigration. Everything was fine. I had a day ticket to go to the champions league final which was between Liverpool fc and Ac Milan. The atmosphere was building in the airport. Liverpool fc fans were chanting, "You'll never walk alone". There was great rivalry between the two teams. I joined in the chanting as well. We Liverpool fans were out voicing the Milan fans at the airport. An airport official guided us to our coach. I could sense victory in the air. We surely had to win. We had beaten Chelsea and Juventus on the may to the final; these two games were games that the opponents were favourites. This game was also another game were the opponents were favourites. Liverpool fc and Ac Milan hold the greatest record in European competitions. Ac Milan with six European cups and Liverpool with Four. I was among the 'Kop' (Liverpool fc's most loyal fans). All the Liverpool fans were chanting throughout the journey. It was an hour journey to the stadium. ...read more.


All I wanted to do was to leave the stadium and go back. I felt I had wasted my money which I had saved up for a long time. The thing that scared me most was the Milan fans at the school. I was looking for an excuse to face them. The second half were was about to resume and once again I could see the players in the tunnel. However this time around one set of players looked more relaxed and the other players looked like they had tension in their head. It was obvious that milans tactics from now was to sit back and relax. Milan was taking advantage of their experience. The game resumed with Liverpool taking the centre. You could see belief in the Liverpool players; they came out on to the pitch for the second half with a moor attacking approach. It seems like they were going to make mission impossible possible. Liverpool looked more positive on the ball. They were making more passes more confidently. They were the dominant team in the begging of the second half. ...read more.


now I knew that destiny was definitely on our side. it was almost certain that the game was going to be settled with a penalty shootout. The referee blew the whistle. After all it was a penalty shootout. The players were taking a break. Tension was gradually building in the stadium. My heart was beating faster than it had ever had before. Players were looking up to the heaven for guidance from god. Other players were nursing there camp and injuries. Five minutes had gone by. The penalty shootout was about to commence. Milan was going to take their penalty first. Andrei shevchenko stood up to take the first penalty. The Liverpool goalkeeper took a funny stance on the goal line. It was something that reminded me of a classic match in the past. It was the stance that Bruce Grobblear the Liverpool goalkeeper twenty years back had done in another major final. The stance put of the striker. The striker shot and the Liverpool goalkeeper saved it. Now it was djibril cisse's turn to take a penalty for Liverpool. He shot low to the bottom right corner of the net. The goalkeeper was beaten. Then Milan scored three penalties in succession and Liverpool fc missed one and scored two. The score was 4-4 in the penalty shootout. ...read more.

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