Original Writing - 'The only reason I hate the world is because I love and care for people too much,' Shawn had muttered.

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English Coursework – Original Writing

'The only reason I hate the world is because I love and care for people too much,’ Shawn had muttered. To comprehend this anomalous statement took me time, but at the end, it was as coherent and simple as anything I had ever heard before.

Shawn Bureé was born on 16th May 1987, in Tuscan Arizona, an isolated town two hundred miles north of the Mexican border. As a child he suffered from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease which stopped him from aspiring to any physically demanding challenges in life. Until the age of ten he lived with his parents in a grimy caravan trailer. His waitress mother and mechanic father divorced that year, and the effect of this had been traumatic. He lost faith in adults, and harbored a general mistrust against everything. At sixteen he detested the nauseating audacity of his community. Dejected and incensed, he was determined to break away from it all. After failing advanced calculus and astrophysics he dropped out of high school and moved to Phoenix. This is where I first met Shawn. The astounding genius, which existed within him, combined with the inexpressible talents he had, would soon be divulged.

I had graduated from the University of Arizona that year and I had just joined a multinational accounting firm where Shawn was employed shortly before me. His job consisted of nothing more than small clerical work. His Long blonde hair that fell in cascades around his shoulders with his piercing grey eyes and the deep resonant voice combined to distract the fact that he was a physically small-built, slim young man. Though he projected a careless attitude I always saw a perfectionist in him. I had often caught the glint of pain in his eyes, which use to depart as fast as it appeared, it was as if you were standing on a railway platform with a bullet train elapsing in its incalculable velocities right in front of your eyes.

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Shawn and I encountered each other often and conversed about various topics, from baseball to the organization’s financials. Everyone at the firm saw him as an arrogant, over smart young man as his responses to questions use to be precise and quick. Shawn accepted me as a friend as I did not stand in judgment for any of his actions. I soon learnt about his past which was clear to me that he had restricted his feelings from the Tuscan community which they saw as eccentric and antisocial. It was no different in this firm, it was as if he ...

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