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persuasive writing coursework

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GCSE Coursework - Room 101 In Room 101 these are the 5 things I would put in it: 1. Cigarettes 2. Cancer 3. Racism 4. Nightmares 5. Sleeping I would put these things in Room 101 because I believe that the world would be a better place without them. Most of these items are detrimental to life and personal health and are totally unnecessary. What would the world be like without cigarettes? Fewer deaths? Cleaner air? Poorer Governments? I find Cigarettes a money making killer for the government. Out of every 20 pack of cigarettes 81% of the price paid for them is tax which is money that goes towards government funds. The government claim they make the taxation of these goods so high to put consumers off buying cigarettes, but my opinion is that the government want consumers to buy cigarettes and tobacco to bring in more money for government expenditure. ...read more.


What would the world be like without racism? More peace? Less wars? More equality? In the world racism is everywhere; it has caused many a problem. In my opinion it is racism that has fuelled terrorism across the world, with governments making inaccurate comments about other countries which could be seen as racism. Terrorist groups/extremist groups then act on the comments that have been made. In addition I find there are a lot of sly acts of racism. From being brought up in Bradford - a population where the majority is of a Muslim faith - racism is a well talked about topic. The racism is usually stereotypical; many people think that if a person is the same colour as a bomber for example then they must be a terrorist as well. This is not the case. Racism has divided families, towns even countries. Until fairly recently in some part of the USA black people could not attend the same schools or travel on the same buses as white people. ...read more.


What would the world be like without sleeping? Tiredness? Greater work productivity? Less unemployment? I put sleeping in this list because as you only get one shot at life why should you be spending nearly 36% of your entire life sleeping. Imagine the amount of extra things you could do with that extra time. Of course it doesn't help that you naturally get tired, but what if there was some sort of machine or bed or mask that you put on that didn't make you tired, you put it on for an hour or so then you're fully functional for 23 hours of the day! More jobs would be created due to the entire world working 24 hours a day this would lift more people out of poverty and be less of a financial burden to governments. There would be time to work and play. Holidays would be absolutely fantastic doing what you really enjoy all the time and not wasting a minute through sleep. ?? ?? ?? ?? Andrew Cockroft ...read more.

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