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Room 101 Speech- Smoking

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´╗┐Room 101 Speech ? Smoking Watching people smoking disgusts me. Imagine this, You're standing at the bus-stop waiting for a bus which is approximately twenty years late in the usual beautiful British weather, 2 degrees and pouring down with rain. You're so cold and annoyed you?re considering jumping in front of the next bus which comes. When you think it cannot get worse, a group of people squeeze into the already overcrowded bus stop and practically breathe in your oxygen. If that isn't enough they decide to make your day even better they will start smoking. As your forced to suck in the disgusting, vile and stinky fumes there breathing out ,suddenly you are in a cloud of smoke; you feel as though you are choking and begin to have a small coughing fit they always glare and laugh as if to say "What an idiot, not destroying their lungs or annoying everybody around them" Yes I maybe a fool for not dying a slow, painful and cancerous death. ...read more.


If you still think it?s not a big deal to smoke and should not be banned? Well you are wrong! Cigarettes contain more than 4000 chemicals in which 400 or more are toxic substances, for example, cyanide which is used to kill rats and insects. Would you really want to inhale rat poison?? Furthermore, smoking can cause cancer, the biggest killer without a cure, the most common types of cancer caused by breathing that disgusting stick is mouth cancer, Throat cancer and lung cancer; research claims that 90% of lung cancer cases are due to smoking, likewise, it can cause shortness of breath, vascular diseases, and lung diseases. I could just go all day talking to you about the illnesses caused by smoking and its effects on you and your body. ...read more.


Smoking is affecting people all over the world. Not just people but is also contributing to air pollution, land and water pollution and our environment. Cigarettes Butts left on the ground will approximately take 25-26 years to decompose. The various additives and chemicals are leached into the soil, polluting the soil as well as plants. Also, did you know thousands of fires are caused all over the world by not putting out a cigarette butt? It destroys us and destroys our earth. As I am reaching to the end of my speech I hope you have understood that smoking is health threatening, Addictive and nasty. Smoking is affecting people around us and most of all making us lose the people we love. So I say, no, we should all say, for once and for all smoking should be permentally banned and be put into Room 101 before it?s too late. Thank you for listening Arunthathy nair. (730 words) ...read more.

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