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The Fight of A Life Time Between The Two Saiyans

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The Fight of A Life Time Between The Two Saiyans The clock had stopped ticking and the stage was set. As the two Saiyans would finally come face to face. The battle was about to begin, there was no doubt that these two were the strongest in the universe. Both true warriors and both Saiyans, born on planet Vegeta. They were the last two saiyans of their entire race. Their planet met with an accident and hit a meteor which made the planet blow up and only two managed to survive. Kakarot and Vegeta. Kakarot who had a pure heart and Vegeta who was full of evil. He wanted to rule the universe. The battle had now began, kakarot's determination was truly unbelievable as he battled for a life and death. Vegeta was surprised by Kakarot's power. ...read more.


When will both Saiyan's get serious and use their true power, only time will tell. Kakarot can't believe how strong Vegeta is. He is starting to think, that the only way he will be able to keep up is if he uses his true power. Now Vegeta will see the true debt of kakarot's power. Kakarot is about to power up to his maximum. He is about to reach the greatest extent of his power. Both Saiyans are finally going to face each other at their greatest. Will Kakarot stop Vegeta with his evil ambitions or will Kakarot fail and die at the hands of Vegeta. Together the two Saiyans power up to their maximum strength. Thunders hit the ground and the earth it self starts shaking by their incredible power. They have waited long for this battle, training every day for an year. ...read more.


Vegeta is in a world of trouble, he has now lost the battle he know this but he continues to fight Kakarot as a true saiyan. Kakarot prepares his most intense technique the Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Ha wave. Will Vegeta be finally defeated by the pure hearted Kakarot or will Vegeta survive some how. Vegeta try all of his techniques on Kakarot once again but there no effect. He his too powerful for Vegeta's blasts. Vegeta cant believe that this is all true, how can he die to a low class soldier where he is the Prince of all Saiyans. Ka - Me - Ha - Me - Haa !! The battle is now over. It is over for good. Kakarot has defeated Vegeta the prince of all Saiyans for the good of the earth and the universe. The universe can now finally rest in peace now. Thanks to Kakarot. Kakarot the worlds hero and a true Saiyan born on Planet Vegeta, raised on Earth. By Prashant Sawlani ...read more.

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