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The idea and study of passing of time and shortness of life. Compare the different thoughts and emotions expressed by various Poets on this subject.

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The idea and study of passing of time and shortness of life. Compare the different thoughts and emotions expressed by various Poets on this subject. This essay is going to compare five poems that write about the shortness of life, and the idea of passing in time. It will also discuss the thoughts and emotions expressed by these poets. These poems were written in the pre-1940s. The five poems are: When I Have Fears by John Keats, Passing and Glassing by Christina Rossetti, His Poetrie His Pillar by Robert Herrick, To Daffadills by Robert Herrick, Virtue by George Herbert. In their poems, the poets all write about how life is short and that you should not waste time. In the poem When I Have Fears, it deals with John Keats not fulfilling any of his dreams and how he is afraid of dying and no one remembering him, as it says, "And think that I never live to trace." ...read more.


He wants to get across that no matter what happens you can always live on if you believe you can. In this poem the word Pillar is a big thing in this play as it can be used in different ways that in the end all add up into one solution, that he will be forgotten but really deep down he might be thinking that through his poetry he will carry on living. But in another poem he wrote To Daffadills, it is similar but mentions the same sort of things but in very different ways. As in His Poetry His Pillar he is talking about how life is short and how he is going to be forgotten, but in To Daffadills he is mainly talking about how life is short. In the poem To Daffadills, Robert Herrick is describing how every one lives to their death and that life is short like daffodils, as their lives are short. ...read more.


As in the beginning paragraph it says that in the beginning everything is nice and cool but as night comes around everything dies. In the third verse it discusses how spring doesn't last long and that it ends quickly. The structures of these poems are very different but have the same sort of language as they were all wrote in the pre 1940s. The language of these poems has an effect on the reader as it gives you an idea of what people might have been thinking as the poems are all writing the same thing. In Passing and Glassing the structure has an effect on the reader as each verse has a tense, the first verse is future, the second is present, and the last is past. Over all, the poem Passing and Glassing, links all these poems as it writes about the past, future, and present. These poems are discussing how life is short and they mainly discuss the present and future, and what they are feeling and worries in the future. So over all this poem links them all together. ...read more.

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