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The impact of ICT on an adult in employment.

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The impact of ICT on an adult in employment. Frank Keating is a sports columnist for the Guardian and an author; several of his publications have appeared in the Guardian, Rugby World and Wisden Cricket Monthly. He now works from home and is required to use a variety of technologies to get his work back to the Guardian offices in London. Frank tends to use the vast majority of the available technologies for work use and not as much for his personal use. Technologies Frank uses at work and home:- * Computer - Apple Powerbook. * Dictaphone - Pearlcorder S701 Microcassette Recorder. * Mobile Phone - Nokia 5210 * Email * Internet * Video * Sky Digital Computers One of the initial computers which Frank operated was a Tandy 102 Portable Computer in the year 1983, it was one of the first laptops made and it was very popular and reliable and because of this many journalists including Frank used it, the main predicament with the computer was it only had 16 kilobytes of storage - just sufficient to store 2000 words. Before using this laptop Frank was required to use a typewriter, the first typewriter he used was a Coronet Super 12 typewriter, typewriters were much slower than modern computers and laptops and any errors that Frank made needed to be corrected manually often making him take longer even trying to write the shortest of reports, any duplicates of work he made needed to be copied at a photocopying shop which often cost money. Nowadays with the innovation of modern technology and a sufficient amount of training Frank is able to send his reports and articles immediately after a sporting event, journalists working for the guardian use Apple Powerbook computers and in this case Frank also uses an iBook laptop to type up reports while been at the event while it is taking place, he is able to send work back to the offices in London from anywhere in the world providing ...read more.


to ring the offices with his mobile phone to acquire the needed information - the Nokia 5210, not only can he contact the office anywhere, he is able to be contacted at any time to be informed about the latest news. Also with his mobile phone is the ability to send SMS which is a message consisting of up to 160 characters costing around 10p each depending on his network, he finds these extremely useful for work, the office can regularly text him with news and events to cover meaning he doesn't need to bother with receiving continuous phone calls. Frank says in is own words that there are several problems he often finds with his mobile phone, the main one been anyone can contact him so if he is out for a meal or with his wife he can often be interrupted, another is that his phone is required to be switched on at all times so if his battery becomes flat he needs to charge it up instantly. Also a major problem is Frank is often working away from home, sometimes in the most remote areas so his mobile phone might not be able to connect so he won't be able to make or receive calls meaning he might miss out on crucial information which he might critically need but he presumes that in the future this dilemma will be eliminated. Digital Television A short while ago Frank Keating purchased a digital satellite system for himself and his wife in about 1998, he uses this digital satellite system for work use and personal use, firstly I will focus on his work use, he often uses the extensive sports coverage on Sky his chosen provider for digital television, and because of this Frank is often able to watch the game at home and write the report while, in other words, sitting down on his sofa in the living room, while watching the games on the TV he is able to watch instant replays, ...read more.


A Dictaphone is essential for somebody like Frank because if no record of the interview can be found then Frank could be sued, something similar happened recently related to the Hutton enquiry, which has been dominating the news broadcasts recently. Mr Keating often slips his Dictaphone into his breast pocket so people won't feel threatened as a Dictaphone could be found intimidating while he is interviewing them. The disadvantages of Dictaphones are that if the Dictaphone doesn't record properly then the interview which he has just undergone would be lost and he would be required to do it again, also, the tapes are quite small and could be easily mishandled or broken but fortunately this has yet to happen to Frank. In conclusion Technology has revolutionised the way people like Frank do their jobs, it has made his hours a lot shorter and more flexible, his job has been made significantly different and has been made so much easier. With every new skill that Frank learns he needs to be trained, costing the Guardian money, he was given a 5 day training course using computers but from there onwards needed to learn new techniques from then onwards. The technology that Frank uses to do his job has taken a long time to evolve into what it is now. Examples are the old typewriters, to Lap Top computers, and telephonists, to e-mail. The new technologies that have changed over the past decades has made a change to where he lives, before all the new fancy technologies he was required to live near the offices but now he is free to live wherever he wants considering he has internet access to get his reports back to the offices. All in all if it wasn't for the technologies available now Frank would lead a dramatically different lifestyle to the one he leads now, work would be hectic and more expenses and there would be no redundancies for copytakers. ...read more.

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