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The Telephone by Robert Frost - Analysis

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'The Telephone' - Analysis The writer, Robert Frost, utilized greatly the literary device of connotation in his poem 'The Telephone'. Although the meaning behind the poem is not openly expressed, and hence enables the readers to make an interpretation in any way as they wish, a possible point of view would be that the poem acted as a conversation between two lovers, one of whom may probably be deceased and have left. Although the word 'telephone' is no where found within the poem, the actual word (and title) related back to its Greek definition, meaning ' a voice from afar'. ...read more.


This implies his longing to join nature itself, perhaps with his lover, who has left for, as said previously, death. Without waiting for the person's response, the speaker says 'Don't say I didn't'. Although on the first read it seems as if the speaker was being defensive, this could be seen in the context of the poem itself that the speaker wishes to display his understanding of his lover. He then asks 'Do you remember what it was you said?' - this is as like a prompting so that his lover will say what he wants, enhancing the theme of two playful lovers, perhaps or perhaps not in a nostalgic perspective. ...read more.


He continues to taunt his lover in saying that he is unsure that it was actually she who was talking. Emphasizing the lover's tease, a particular point of view demonstrated that the speaker is pressuring his lover to fight for his love. Nevertheless, the speaker's love returns the playfulness by saying she 'may have thought as much'. The speaker then finalizes the conversation by confirming what his love wishes to hear. In conclusion, 'The Telephone' is an enigmatic poem and its development relies heavily on the reader's imagination. Other literary devices including rhyme, rhythm, imagery and tone also contribute to the reader's understanding of this poem. Despite numerous interpretations a reader could take up, this poem conveys the bond of people in close relationships and hence human nature. ?? ?? ?? ?? [Type text] [Type text] [Type text] ...read more.

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