Explore the way Frost presents his thoughts and feelings in Out, Out-

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Explore the way Frost presents his thoughts and feelings in ‘Out, Out-’

‘Out, Out-’ was published in 1916. It is based on a true event, which occurred in April 1910. When Raymond Fitzgerald, the son of Frost’s friend, lost his hand to a buzz saw and bled so profusely that he died of heart failure. The title: ‘Out, Out-’ invites the reader to compare this poem to Macbeth’s soliloquy on learning of his wife’s death. This thirty-nine-line poem consists of one stanza, narrated in the past tense to recreate the details of this accident. The one use of ‘I’ in the poem, in line ten, stands out and emphasizes his wish that the accident never happened, outlining his admiration and close relationship with the boy.

Frost creates a central image of a boy bleeding to death to encourage the reader to feel the same sympathy as he does towards the boy. He achieves this by using several physical images such as ‘life from spilling’ and ‘But the hand was gone already’. Both images that are used by Frost are powerful images of the boy bleeding to death and of the hand severed by the saw. Frost uses these vivid images to create a sense of sympathy for the boy by emphasizing the situation he is in. The vividness in ‘the hand was gone already’ describes the seriousness of the accident. He says this to convey a sense of solicitude and compassion towards the boy by outlining the severity of the accident.

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Frost brings the saw to life and emphasizes its ferocity to tell the reader that the saw is uncontrollable, and how the boy has no chance of escaping the accident. He achieves this by using a series of personified images: ‘The buzz saw snarled and rattled.’ The cutting noise of the saw is compared to a wild animal in order to outline that the saw has a mind of its own and that it can be unpredictable. He portrays the ‘buzz saw’ as killer of a young life to show that life can end brutally. The use of ‘snarled’ and ...

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