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To Be Old,or Not to Be.

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K. Fuentes-Rivera Essay 1 To Be Old, or Not to Be. Imagine walking into a yard with banana trees, clothes hanging from the clothesline, the scent of rich tropical foods cooking, load music, lots of sand, and your grandmother sitting on a rocking chair drinking some home-made pi´┐Ża colada. For me, this isn't a dream, but a reality. I go back to my home in Puerto Rico and this is how I find my grandmother 90% of the time. She and the abundance of old folks in this same neighborhood is why I don't fear aging, and believe that one should accept it. Many people in the United States fear aging and what it brings. Seeing the cultural attributes that the old are given here in the states I can see that reasoning. ...read more.


I saw these people not as miserable people who can't wait to die (with broken hips such as our TV grandmother), but as people who began to live a new phase in their lives. In Puerto Rico, you do not see commercials for the old. It's possibly due to the fact that you really can't get around a motorized scooter when a lot of the roads are still dirt and sand. But it is possibly because of the traditions and the deep sense of community that is imbedded into the Puerto Rican Culture. "Growing old in Puerto Rico doesn't mean wrinkles, it means love: Love for the family, love for your friends, and love for your life (Perez)," This was the answer my grandmother gave me when I asked her how she felt growing old. ...read more.


That is my grandmother and her fellow compatriots of Puerto Rico, the ultimate cruise liners that if they go down, they will with fireworks. I see myself in my grandmother and many like her, People who have lived life. They are like the writer May Sarton, "But I do not feel old at all, not as much as a survivor as a person still on her way (381)." You look forward not back. This is the problem many Americans have, and why they begin to feel old at such young ages. Now that I'm in that states I can see why people would fear growing old. With rampant Alzheimer's, and kids who are perfectly willing to put one in a home for the elderly, and infomercials galore stereotyping what it is to be old. If the cultural stigma didn't exist here in the US, maybe people wouldn't fear growing old. ...read more.

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