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Under Milk Wood - review.

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G.C.S.E ENGLISH/ENGLISH LITRATURE "UNDER MILK WOOD" ASSIGNMENT By Gregory Cain It has been said that 'All Dylan Thomas's characters have something sad about them'. Assemble evidence from 'Under Milk Wood' to prove, disprove or modify this statement, referring to at least three characters. I do believe that 'All Dylan Thomas's characters do have something sad about them', and in this essay I will try to prove this. Mrs Ogmore Pritchard is the first character of Dylan Thomas's characters that I will talk about. She lives by herself in her guest house called Bay View, which is in Llareggub. Bay View is a house for 'paying guests only' as it is referred to by First Voice in the book. Mrs Ogmore Pritchard is a woman twice widowed. She was married to Mr. Ogmore who was a retired linoleum, there is no evidence of how he died given in the play. And she was also married to Mr. Pritchard, a 'failed bookmaker'. He died by swallowing disinfectant. First voice tells us that he did this ironically, and because he had been maddened by 'besoming, swabbing and scrubbing, the voice of the vacuum-cleaner and the fume of polish'. This is ironic because of how he was treated by Mrs Ogmore Pritchard, and that no one would be surprised that he did this. ...read more.


The boat that he sailed was called the S.S.Kidwelly. Captain Cat is the first character in the book that talks. In his dreams at the beginning of the play, all the people that he knew that had died came into his dreams and spoke to him. They all introduce themselves and explain a bit about what had happened to them and how they were getting on. All these voices have something in common; they all died by drowning, probably at sea with captain cat. One of the voices tells Captain Cat about a girl that he and the captain once shared, who is now dead too. She is one of the characters that talks to Captain Cat. Her name is Rosie Probert. The fact that Captain Cat dreams about these people and the way that he talks back to them, which is sadly and sympathetically, or not talking to them much at all, shows that he misses them and feels sad and upset that he is no longer amongst their company. He says 'Oh, my dear dears!' as the last sentence said in that part of the book. And the way he says this sound so sympathetic, with him being there all lonely and sad. Its like he feels sorry for them being dead and he seems to feel sorry for himself still living in his ...read more.


Perhaps this is just a sick game that they play to make their sad and lonely lives more exciting. Maybe having children would add a bit of excitement to their lives? So for my conclusion about all of Dylan Thomas's characters from Under Milk Wood being having something sad bout them. Well I do believe that it is true and as for the three characters that I have mentioned, they all do have something sad about them that's rather obvious. And I do believe that they all do. Even if it is only something very small and non important they still have a little something about them that is sad. The three characters that I have chosen have quite obvious sad things about them, but their part in the book is meant to be sad to show that there are people like this around, and because the book is based around a rather normal Welsh sea side village, Dylan Thomas has to include this type of person for the book to be realistic. Of course there are aspects of people that are happy in Dylan Thomas's work and all you need to do is read through the play to notice these but generally there are more aspects that are unhappy about the characters of Under Milk Wood. Under Milk Wood essay by Gregory Cain 1 ...read more.

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