Theatre Review on 'Whose Life is it anyway?

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Theatre Review on 'Whose Life is it anyway?

On Thursday 13th January 2005, in the distinguished theatre, otherwise known as the 'Comedy Theatre' was a breathtaking performance by Kim Cattrall, better known as Samantha Jones in HBO's award winning American sitcom 'Sex and the City' playing the character of Claire Harrison in the lead role of 'Whose life is it anyway?'.

The theatre itself was relatively significant in size as I would personally say it seated more than 600 people; the appearance was more than satisfactory, as the colour scheme, carvings through the wood (which could be seen around the theatre) and the light formatting were to a very high standards, creating a mood and atmosphere even before the play had commenced.

The play itself was written by Brian Clarke in the 20th century (1985). The play falls into the genre of comedy, but is played in a very naturalistic style with elements of minor misfortunes. The play is about an intelligent, very attractive and talented, sculptor Claire Harrison who very used to being in control of her life. However a serious car crash forces her to contemplate a future in which she will remain constantly paralyzed, and dependent on those around her. Left with only the use of her sharp mind, and her determined spirit, Claire chooses not to inaudibly surrender to her fate. She uses sarcasm to make the audience laugh, which she does often, and makes the audience cry, but with no intentions. All she wants is to be heard and to reclaim the decisions about her own life and death. Throughout the play there were various ranges of drama skills used to a very high standard which made a huge impact on the audience; these included: - dialogue, gestures, proxemics, sub-text, tension, a great climax(during the hearing of the case), and a freeze frame at the end of the piece.
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Without a doubt I would have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed Kim Cattrall's performance in the role of 'Claire Harrison'. I personally thought it was amazing, how she portrayed Claire's, thoughts and feeling just through facial expressions and her tone of voice, as the only part of the body she could move was her head. I was really impressed how she didn't move any inch of her body at any time, which must have been a very challenging task to do, and she was very successful as it made her character a lot stronger and believable. I ...

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