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woman in black coursework

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Woman in Black coursework What are the elements that a ghost story should traditionally contain and how successfully does Susan Hill incorporate them into her novel 'The Woman In Black'? A good ghost story traditionally contains a number of elements, which Susan Hill has incorporated into her novel. These are, creating atmosphere ~ you have to have this because with out the right atmosphere people will not get frightened and to read a ghost story you have to have an element of fear. A sense of place ~ this adds effect because the reader can picture them selves in these places because they are generally scary e.g. Eel Marsh House. The plot ~ has to be gripping so the reader wants to read on Susan Hill does not give the whole story away at the beginning to help build tension. The use of a first person ~ this is good because it lets the reader feel what the narrative is feeling from a first-hand perspective. The use of children ~ this makes a good ghost story because children are innocent and all good ghost story's should contain someone venerable and children are the most venerable and innocent 'The Woman in Black' novel by Susan Hill uses lots of ways to create an atmosphere for a creepy story. ...read more.


This gives clues and relates to the grave that was found before. This keeps the audience in suspense not knowing who the characters are and them wanting to know. In Eel Marsh House there is one locked door in the whole of the house, in the middle of the night you can hear a sound coming from this locked door which is locked from the inside. This makes the audience anticipate what is on the other side. Hill makes it so that the reader wants to read on to discover what's behind the door and all the secrets of it. Susan Hill makes her plot so that we do not know what is quite going to happen next and is unpredictable, she give clues during her novel subtly so that the audience can not quite realise what's happening until everything is pieced together. Hill uses the sense of place as one of her main criteria. In The Woman In Black she uses a simple setting in the countryside and adds a twist. The house that Mr. Kipps has to go to is isolated from the rest of the town and you cannot pass at certain times during the day. ...read more.


but with horror (he) realised ......it came from a child, a young child.' Hill uses this to make us feel the hard pain that the child was going through and says 'cry' in another two ways to make the reader feel the trauma. It suggests when Kipps says 'child, a young child' it shows the reader that even Kipps can not believe the child by repeating this it is giving emphasis on the child in pain and agony. Having someone being hurt uncontrollably and being tortured mentally is typical of a ghost story. Susan Hill incorporates many different techniques of typical writing for ghost novels. She does this by using atmosphere to enhance the effect of the daunting ghost story; she uses the plot to keep the reader interested and prediction. She uses the sense of place to make an ordinary place strange and haunted without giving anything away, she uses the first person narrative so that the reader can get closer to Arthur and interoperate his feeling easier, she uses the children to add effect and to make the story have a twist and make the reader experience the fear of the adults towards the Woman In Black. Overall I think that Susan Hill interprets all these points incredibly well and I think that she uses all of the points of a typical ghost story but adds a fresh sense of fear. ...read more.

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