Fear in "The Woman in Black" extract

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Assessment on fear

At the start of the passage, the writer uses harsh words to create fear. For example, the lines “I saw again the woman with the wasted face” and “I had not noticed any particular expression on the wasted face” creates fear as the vocabulary changes a lot. At the start of the book, the writer was using pleasant words when she was describing where he had come from. The juxtaposition that was used had built up how gothic and horrible the woman in black was by going from peaceful and light to gloomy and dark. After those lines, the sentence which had contained the line “stared at her, stared until my eyes ached in their sockets, stared in surprise and bewilderment at her presence. This had shown that Susan Hill creates a deep sense of fear by writing that she is very to see for a long time, instead of telling us the reader. This is also giving us what Arthur was dealing, metaphorically put us in his shoes.

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The three words Susan Hill used, “desperate yearning malevolence”, creates fear and suspicion, indicating that the mysterious woman is searching for something. The word “malevolence” also suggests she is bad and evil. A tiny bit later in the extract the author had written “wanted, needed-must have” which creates a definite feel of tension a horror as the woman will not let anything stop her from whatever she is searching for. The use of the triplet emphasises the necessity.

Later, the writer had written “more than life itself” which shows how helpful this thing is by saying that they need ...

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