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ASDA Conclusions

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ASDA Conclusions... In this enquiry I have spent approximately 4 months, with a lot of time, effort and energy, studying all the different perspectives, facts and opinions for the proposals made by ASDA for a new superstore to be located on the former West St Leonards School site, East Sussex. Therefore having studied this case for a considerable amount of time, I would see myself as having a reasonably in-depth knowledge of the case, and be perfectly justified and able to make a fair decision, whether the proposals, in my opinion, should go ahead. Near the beginning of this enquiry I have studied the views of the local community. ...read more.


For the third part to my studies I carried out a traffic survey for the roads in the neighbouring areas to the site. This was to indicate whether the developments would generate any increase in traffic, and congestion. As you may have noticed from the links flows, the impact on the surrounding roads would generate a surprisingly low increase and flows and congestion. In the fourth area of this enquiry I investigated other sites considered and later rejected by ASDA; the silverhill site appears overall not entirely suitable for a superstore of this scale. This is largely because I believe the surrounding roads couldn't cope with the traffic increase. ...read more.


After investigating all the pros and cons for the old West St Lenoards school site, and considering possible alternatives, I believe that yes the proposed developments should get the 'go ahead.' In my opinion it is the most appropriate site within the town, this is because it is by far the largest site. If these developments aren't to go ahead, some other development such as houses/flats would take its place, almost defiantly resulting in an equal, if not worse impact on the surrounding environment. As for the traffic, well from my research the increase of traffic on the surrounding roads would be minimal. Overall my opinion is the advantages convincingly outweigh the disadvantages, therefore, I believe the council would be justified in allowing the proposals to proceed. ...read more.

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