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Geography isle of dogs

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Thomas Edwards Geography coursework Chapter 1- Introduction In my GCSE Geography I will investigate and discuss the following hypothesis: 'The urban regeneration on the Isle of Dogs, East London, has provided a successful model for sustainable development' The aims of this course to help me prove or disprove my hypothesis are: * What have been the changes to the community, employment, housing and environment? * Have the changes made been sustainable and benefited everyone? * Are there further improvements that can be made to the area? Keyword: I have chosen to include the following keyword as it is an integral part of my hypothesis. Sustainable development: is where development of the present and the future are taken into consideration when using natural resources in order to develop the environment. History of the London docklands: I am going to include information on the LDDC (London Docklands Development Corporation) and the Isle of Dogs when it was one of the most in the prosperous docks world. This information is to help me understand the changes made allowing me a greater knowledge of its redevelopment and sustainability factors. One of the main causes for the docklands decline was that the river Thames became increasingly silted and this caused problems for boats as increase in demand meant bigger boats where required to access the main dock, and business declined as the boats where unable to access the docks. ...read more.


Property paper survey 2 Clipboard Pen Booklet of results Paper Booklet from estate agents random Canary wharf Field sketch 1 Clipboard, A pencil to sketch camera stratified All Land use map 1 Land use base map categories listed on map variety Photos 5 Digital camera Links between methods: When looking at how to answer my hypothesis, I have noticed that many of the methods link. For example, when I consider how I rated an area through my EQI, with a high mark, I can see that house prices appear to coincide with my subjective opinions e.g. house prices appear higher where I score higher. Additionally, I can also link the questionnaires to my land use map, where people express concern on services or the environment I can then look at the land use map and see where investment has been made and where it falls short. Chapter 3: Data Presentation: My Hypothesis: 'The urban regeneration on the Isle of Dogs, East London, has provided a successful model for sustainable development' Aims: * What have been the changes to the community, employment, housing and environment? * Have the changes made been sustainable and benefited everyone? * Are there further improvements that can be made to the area? Introduction: in this chapter I am going to present a variety of data to help me evaluate my aims and ultimately my hypothesis. ...read more.


Because the EQI results were based on my opinion this isn't very reliable as my opinion could be a contrast to what many other think, and this is not necessarily a true indication of environmental quality. Housing surveys could be vastly improved. This is because there were only three results taken from each area and if something is to be made reliably than the more you carry out something and find an average the more accurate the average would be. The accuracy of the methods used may have caused inaccuracy in our results; this could have been due to: The questionnaires carried out by dividing into small groups and sharing data may have caused inaccuracy in our findings. This is because the people that were approached could have been specifically chosen because the boys in one group liked the look of them, for example a young female women. And a thing like choosing selectively doesn't give a good view into what the community's outlook on the area is. The land use maps are not that accurate too as they are based on one opinion and in they eyes of others that opinion may be different to theirs, defeating the object of gather reliable data. The non residential building where clearly identified and so was the quality of low and mid level accommodation. Again the environmental quality was opinion based and so not a true reflection of environmental quality. ?? ?? ?? ?? Thomas Edwards 1 ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)

Introduction gives very clear aims, objectives and key questions to be addressed. There could be more use and identification of relevant key terminology with definitions in the Introduction. Very clear and justified methodologies. Clear and appropriate data presentation. Good description and explanation of data in analysis. Some links made between data sets and methodologies. However more explicit links and explanations would make these more meaningful and detailed. Some evaluation in both methodologies and in final section. However, HOW these issues relate to the overall findings is required for further higher level credit. Overall a very good structure and written quality. It just lacks a little detail in the final conclusion and evaluation.

Marked by teacher Katie Price 30/03/2013

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