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Geography Kenya coursework - Part 1

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Do the economic benefits of tourism in Kenya outweigh the negative impacts on the Savanna Grassland Ecosystem? Part 1 Throughout this coursework I am to imagine that I am a journalist. My editor has asked me to investigate tourism in Kenya and feels there is a big news story to be told. There are many sources of information that suggests this. Kenya receives money and other benefits from tourism, however, there are also disadvantages to this. Various people think that the disadvantages of tourism outweigh the benefits of tourism. Other people believe tourism is worth it, despite the disadvantages. Some people think that Kenya could benefit a lot more from tourism than it actually does. The title of this coursework depicts the effects of tourism on Kenya. It asks whether the benefits inclined by tourism (money) outweigh the negative effects on the natural environment and wildlife of the Savanna Grasslands. Kenya itself is located in Africa. It is in eastern Africa on the coastline. Ethiopia, Tanzania and Congo are large countries which are in close proximity to Kenya. ...read more.


After doing this, I worked out a total rank for every country. The higher the total ranking points, the less developed the country. I am now going to compare Kenya to the UK to show that Kenya is an LEDC. I will choose 3 development indicators from my ranking table to compare Kenya to the UK. The first indicator I am going to use is birth rate. Birth rate is the number of live births per 1000 people per year. The birth rate in the UK is 14 whereas in Kenya it is 47. In Kenya they have more babies they already initially know that 50% of there babies will die. Furthermore there is a lack of contraception and lack of education on how to use contraception, whereas in the UK there is a better education system so this does not happen as regular. Lack of Health care in Kenya also contributes as there is no option for abortion or contraceptives readily available, however in the UK healthy care is more advanced so these things are available. ...read more.


In Kenya a lot more goods will be imported rather than exported, so trade levels will not be as good as the UK. The UK trades with countries all around the world, exporting a lot more goods. Graph 1, 'Kenya's Employment Structure' shows that most people are employed in the Primary Industry. This shows that Kenya is poor because the majority of MEDC's have a large tertiary industry, with primary being the lowest. It also shows that Kenya is not a wealthy enough country to import enough goods to the country, so has to result in having a large primary industry (with a lot of agriculture) to cater for the needs of Kenyans. Tourism in Kenya is very important to the economy. Graph 1 shows the major income sources of Kenya. It is clearly shown that at 35%, Tourism is the largest source of income that Kenya has. This is followed by 28% Agriculture, 25% Industry and 12% from other services. Graph 1 shows that a lot of people are employed in tourism (12%). This shows that the country is without doubt very popular as a tourist destination. A lot of tourists means the country will earn a lot of money, with Graph 2 proves. ...read more.

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