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introduction for portobello road

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Introduction I am studying Portobello Road, which is in Central London in Noting Hill. Portobello road is going through a change from what it was like in the 1950's. Portobello road is going through gentrification, which means an area going through a negative or positive change. This coursework is going to show if Portobello Road is going through gentrification and answering these key questions will prove whether my hypothesis is right or wrong. The hypothesis for this coursework is to prove whether Portobello road is going through a period of change. The Key Questions What was Portobello Road like in the past? The answer to this question will give me information on the history of Portobello Road and will show whether shops have changed. This will also show whether Portobello Road has as much of a variety of shops, as there are now and how the relationships with different cultures, the reputation of Portobello Road and compare to the relationship now to prove whether Portobello roads is changing. ...read more.


Is Portobello Road becoming overrun by chain stores? This question will be answered when I go to Portobello Road. The answer to this question will show one of the main reasons of change, which are the impact smaller shops getting taken over by the bigger shops e.g. small newsagent turned into Next. Are the changes along Portobello Road changing its character? This question is relevant to my hypothesis as this question is stating whether signs of gentrification are changing the whole reputation of Portobello road. Changes such as more chain stores coming in could mean the wealth of Portobello road increasing which is a sign of change as Portobello road is a mixed wealth place. Are there any conflicts involved in these changes? This question will show whether gentrification has caused conflict such as arguments between landlords or from people for jobs as there were in the past from secondary source material used in class. What do you think will happen in the future to Portobello Road? ...read more.


The process of an area becoming wealthier and improving in quality is called gentrification, which is exactly what seems to be happening on Portobello road. This is linked to my hypothesis as becoming a wealthier and improving are signs of change. For example: Location Portobello Road is in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea, which is in west London. Portobello road is simple to get to, as they are plenty of buses people can use to get there such as: 7,23,27,28,31,52,70,358's and the 452 buses go to and from Portobello road. Not just buses are accessible to reach Portobello road, trains are also available. There are two train stations on Portobello road, which as Ladbroke Grove and Westbourne Park station, which are on the Hammersmith & City, line. Portobello road is just outside the central business district (CBD). The founder of the burgess model. This is a model designed to show wealth in an area, the further you live from the CBD the wealthier the area is. The model is split into many sections depending on the size of the area used to burgess model. In my study I have split up the model into five sections as shown below: ...read more.

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