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Is tourism in countries like Kenya a good or a bad thing?

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Is tourism in countries like Kenya a good or a bad thing? Haroon Dean Being an LEDC Kenya is reliant on money making methods such as tourism. Tourism is effective because it brings needed foreign exchange and the chance for spectators to watch creatures only ever previously seen on the TV. However with all this money making taking place its inevitable for big MEDC's to take advantage and do things like building big hotels where native people used to dwell and so on. Also there is the case on the tourists travelling across the globe contributing to global warming. So do the positives outweigh the negatives? Is there one sole answer for the title in which stated at the top of the page? The occupation that provides the most money in Kenya is farming. The second highest is tourism. As was pointed out before tourism brings a lot of money into Kenya, which is good since they desperately need it. This provides interdependence; Kenya needs the money from MEDC's and MEDC's want Kenya's array of exotic animals & hot weather. Without this interdependence Kenya would be in deep poverty because it wouldn't have the money coming in from tourism and farming alone would barely sustain life as we give most people in LEDC's unfair payments for their produce. ...read more.


Because it's a plant after usage it can decompose and return nutrients into the soil without leaving behind any reminiscence of impurities. This is very effective as the plant is highly abundant and local, so it doesn't need to travel that far and so it doesn't contribute to global warming by releasing toxic greenhouse gases. As the safari driver gets tips he is expected to get as close to the animals as possible, otherwise it would be an exceedingly boring journey. But the only way to get close enough to the animals is to get of the pre-made tracks and to roam the free land, chasing the animals for tourist entertainment. Firstly this erodes the soil which then means the food for the animals can't grow. This will often lead to the entire gamepark containing bad soil and no vegetation so the animals leave rather than face starvation. Secondly if the drivers continue getting to close to the animals, it will became increasingly difficult for the animals to hunt because there is a big van driving beside it and hard for the animals to mate in front of an audience. ...read more.


However without education the children will have nothing and be totally reliant on tourism, which means they are stuck with that job for the rest of their life. And because of recent events they have no jobs and no means of supporting their families. In fact because of the warfare presently in Kenya it is currently deemed hazardous and nobody in the right mind will visit there at this present moment in time. CONCLUSION Tourism in Kenya should take place, but not excessively. The tourists should stay in villages similar to the Kenyans with basic human needs - shelter, water food and so on, so they get a better feel of Kenya. Patrol officers should ensure that no bus drivers erode the soil by going off track. The Maasai should be given more trust and responsibility as they are keepers of the land anyway so they should help run the gamepark. Instead of having game lodges, we should have Maasai style houses that blend into the surrounding and the materials don't need to travel that far - no pollution. We should help Kenya and many other places in Africa to enhance their agriculture with things like Fair Trade(tm), so they get good prices and the extra money will help during the time us tourists aren't there. ...read more.

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