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Management Issues in Central Oxford

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GCSE Geography Coursework Management Issues in Central Oxford Brendan Robb Contents Introduction Page 1 Methodology Results Of Investigation Conclusions Evaluation Bibliography Introduction Main Ideas: Core Hypothesis My Core Hypothesis is: Environmental Quality varies within Central Oxford. The main ideas that I will be investigating in this coursework deal mainly with the environmental quality in the CBE. To fully understand this topic need to know exactly what this means, so as to assess it fully. What we need to do in this is to find out what is meant by CBD. Where is oxfords CBD? What the CBD is like, and What problems does the CBD face. CBD: "Central Business District, the centre of a city defined on a map By land use and land price, usually contains high rise buildings, High order good shops, and commercial office blocks. containing Shops with large spheres of influence, the high street of a town" Yahoo online dictionary Oxford's CBD is not totally typical in the way that it is not in middle of the city. ...read more.


They are listed below with a description and purpose. Environmental Quality Assessment and Survey We did an environmental quality survey; there is a blank copy below. Point 1 Point 2 Point 3 Point 4 Point 5 Location Building Quality And Upkeep Street & Pavement Cleanliness Repair Air Quality Noise Open Space Pedestrians In 5 Minutes This was used to just relate our five areas to each other, on certain points, the method was used to make sure that all five points were measure in the same criteria, and the scoring Questionnaire Another method we used was the actual questionnaire a copy of the questions asked is below. * Where do you live? In Oxford In the surrounding area Elsewhere * How often do you visit Central Oxford? Daily At least once a week At least once a month At least once a year Rarely First visit * Why are you ion oxford today? Work Shopping Leisure Other * How did you get here today? ...read more.


_________________________________________________________________________________________________________ * Where would you normally go to buy the following? 1. Clothes ________ 2. Furniture ________ 3. Electrical goods ________ 4. Food ________ * Which of the following statements fit oxford city centre?(tick as many as applicable) 1. Good for a small city 2. Some interesting specialist shops 3. A limited selection of shops 4. The stores are too small 5. The prices are too high * What improvements would you like to see made to the city centre? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ * What age range do you fit into? 0 - 10 11 - 18 19 - 25 26 - 30 31 - 40 41 - 60 60 + this questionnaire basically outlines what people come to oxford for, and what they think of the current status of oxford. Land Use Survey This was a map of the area of study, where I marked all the buildings. Then I walked around the area and marked exactly what each building was, and what category the land use was. This is to show what is actually in the city centre, and if this relates to environmental conditions surrounding certain types of land use. ...read more.

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