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My Development - The Wonder World.

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My Development - The Wonder World During the last 30 years the area of Spanish Mediterranean coasts have boomed and been a good place to invest your money. The areas have transformed from a quiet fisherman's coast to a lot of exciting opportunities to invest your money in a thriving holiday coasts in Spain which till have the potential to give a good return to early investors. If I want build a development it will be a holiday resort and I will call it The Wonder World because I want the name of my development to be alliterative, emotional, exciting and attractive. Its location will be in south eastern of Spain which is near to a beach called Costa Blanca and a town called Alicante which will be its main location of my development. The reason I will choose Alicante because it has two good main roads which lead you to one of the most popular town in Spain where tourists go to have their holiday which called Benidorm, and it has a nearby airport which will boost a competition between ...read more.


Britain, Germany, Russia etc which their climates are not hot as the Spanish climates, they have large population of over 50 million and also Northern Europe economic standard is higher than the Southern Europe economic which Spain is one of southern Europe countries. The prices of the holiday look cheap to tourists from northern Europe because people have more free time and the working is shorter than it was 30 years ago. The new laws give workers more rights and at the same time, wages have risen at a higher rate than the cost of living-so people have more money to spend [they have more than two weeks of paid holiday per year and high salaries] so I will increase the prices of the holiday by one-fifth of its price. My development will be fill with a lot of activities and facilities for the tourists like a giant fairground, tennis courts, football stadium, golf course, water park, nightclubs for over 16 years old and under 16 years old, restaurants, shops etc. ...read more.


The activities in my development will be:- Football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, kart-racing, horse-riding, bowling, golf, either go on a tour guide round the city or visit the zoo or go to theme park/water park, clubbing, watch films/plays etc. Each of the facilities and its activities will be open at different times to make life easier for the tourists to have fun. All day [Morning - Night] activities Tennis, football, Golf, swimming, go to fairground/water park, shopping Noon - Evening activities Volleyball, bowling, kart-racing, horse-riding. Evening - Midnight Clubbing, cinema, theatre, watch the night entertainment e.g. watch the flamenco dancing and bull fighting. Every Wednesday There will be a tour guide The tour will be a trip to different cities and towns to experience a different culture such as flamenco dancing, watching bull-fighting and they can see the traditional Spanish building styles and way of life in small whitewashed villages, and old towns such as Altea and Villajoyosa. They can go for a walk in the mountains, or lake a ride on the 'Lemon Express' a small railway which passes through the olive, orange and lemon groves and the vineyards. Geography Project. Isaac Okeya ...read more.

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